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  1. The problem is solved. I found out that if you remove the database from the Filemaker server (stop sharing it), then open the database directly on the server, print a page, then re-open it on the server, it keeps the last print parameters. Problem solved.
  2. I don't actually have a script with a print step in it. I have a script with a print setup, just to get the right page format for when people want to print certain pages, but no print script. I tried adding a print step in the script that runs on startup, and it fixed the problem, but when I took away the print step (I don't want a page to print everytime someone opens the db), it defaulted back to printing page 32 of 32.
  3. I have a db hosted on Filemaker Server 12 Advanced. When users are using the database and go to print a page, in the print dialog box the print range is specified to be 'page 32 of 32'. So users often get the wrong page printed, or nothing at all, as there are some tables with less than 32 pages at the moment. I tried a script with a print setup when the db is opened, but there is no place to specify the print range in the print setup dialog box, so that did not change anything. How to do I reset the print range in the print dialog box to 'All'?
  4. Thanks, I implemented it, and it works great! Your solution impressed me, I wouldn't have thought of doing that!!
  5. I have a field where people need to enter either a project name, or if it's not related to a project, they need to select from a list of non-project related choices. The project list comes from two fields (project number, project name) in a separate database that houses all of the projects and other project-related information. The non-project related list will be a static value list. There is a checkbox that the user should check if the request is not related to a project. If the box is checked, the value list should be the static value list from within the same database, but if the b
  6. Hi, I have a database that was created in FileMaker 11, and everything was working well. We recently upgraded to FileMaker 12, so the database was converted. A user recently had an issue where some text was cut off in a sliding field (field is set to slide up to remove unused blank lines). On screen it looks fine, and in Print Preview it looks fine, but when the page is printed, the last line is cut off. This was tested on multiple printers with different printer drivers. This wasn't an issue when it was a FM 11 file. Not sure how to resolve the problem... Can anyone help??
  7. I'm trying to create a report to compare inventory levels from one month to the next. I have a table where all the inventoried items are received and created (including the initial quantity) and another table where all the transactions (deductions, additions) are stored. The balance remaining for each item is calculated by taking the initial quantity from one table and adding/subtracting the amounts from the different transactions in the other table. Is there any way that I can 'hide' certain transactions (based on date of transaction) to be able to go back and recreate an inventory snapsho
  8. I'm working in Filemaker 11 Advanced, and I have a database with 3 layouts (Section A, B and C) that need to be printed out to create the complete report. Each of the sections has a variable number of pages because of sliding fields. On each page, I need to indicate "Page X of Y". The last page number (Y) is not a problem, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the actual page number (X) on each page. Help!
  9. It didn't work for me. When I placed the web viewer on the page and specified the link, it opens up a seperate window in Excel. Then, exporting the contents web viewer created a file with just the word "data" in it.
  10. It's a link to the last five days of currency exchange rates, as published by the Bank of Canada: http://www.bankofcanada.ca/en/markets/csv/exchange_eng.csv
  11. I'm trying to create a script to automatically save and import a .csv file containing weekly currency exchange rates. The .csv file is available on the web. The importing should be pretty easy, but how to automatically open the link and save the .csv file? Any help would be really appreciated!
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