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  1. Originally my thumbnail field was a container field with a calculated result. I changed it to a calculation field, chose "Calculation result is 'Container'" in the lower left corner of the Specify Calculation window, and then selected "do not store calculation results -- recalculate when needed" in the Storage Options as you suggested, and voila! - Problem solved. Thanks!
  2. I have two container fields, one named 'Image' and another named 'Image Thumbnail', the latter which uses this calculation resize the image: GetThumbnail (Image; Total width cm * 5.1; Total height cm * 5.1) This works fine, except that 'Image Thumbnail' is only created immediately after importing an image into the 'Image' field. I would like to force regeneration of 'Image Thumbnail' whenever I change any parameters of the above calculation, such as the 5.1 factor. How can I automate this?
  3. What ended up working splendidly was a double self-join of Staff and Date between LineItems and LineItems 2, with conditional formatting as per comment's first post quoted above. Simple and effective, thanks!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I will dig into this and report back with the results.
  5. We have database which shows line items from the Line Items table in a portal on an invoice form from the Invoices table, and two of the fields in each line item are Staff Initials and Date. Because our invoices are for time billing, we do not want any particular staff member to show more than 10 hours for any particular date across all invoices in our system. For this reason, we want to use conditional formatting to have the date show up in red if that staff member has more than 10 hours billed on that date. I am looking for some tips on how to implement
  6. I have a layout which includes a Sub-summary part sorted by a text field named "Description" in the Line Items table. Thus, the layout sorts each sub-summary alphabetically by Description. With the goal of having more control over how the sub-summaries are displayed I have added a number field named "Line_Item_Order_Number" in the Line Items table. However, when I change the sort field of the Sub-summary part to "Line_Item_Order_Number", the Sub-summary does not even show up on the layout. Any ideas why? I'm using FMP Advanced v12.
  7. I just ran into the same issue. If I find a solution I will post it here.
  8. I am building a database of art pieces, and I have a field for Net Sale Price that is dependent on the field Type of Sale, which has three radio button choices from a value list (Private, Auction, Gallery). Depending on which of these three choices is made, Net Sale Price needs to pull figures from one of three fields: Private Sale Price, Winning Auction Bid, or Gallery Sale Price. It seems I need to use the Evaluate function in the Net Sale Price field calculation, but I need a little "kickstart" here... ;-)
  9. Thanks for the reply Matthew. I hope I described my issue well enough, it was pretty late and I was pretty burned out. Funny thing is, after writing the post I think I have a solution that uses a similar line of thinking to what you've suggested. 1. Yes, I already have separate print layouts. 2. This is similar to what I thought of last night. I already have some of the fields set up with the label text auto-entered using TextStyleAdd. I think an "OnLayoutExit" script trigger that strips this label out of the "edit" layout if the field has not been modified will do the trick. Then the
  10. I've dug around a bit and not found any solutions to my needs, so here I go. I'm guessing for some of you this will be a pretty simple task. What I need is for certain text (simulating field labels) on print layouts to vanish if the merge fields that immediately follow are empty, for example in this case I would want "Birds:" to disappear and then "Cats: have scratchy claws" to move up one line (labels in bold, merge field contents in plain text after): Dogs: have floppy ears Birds: Cats: have scratchy claws Simple, right? Just use conditional formatting. But wait... The sp
  11. I have similar needs to Monolocs, and though I have read and re-read Steven's suggestion many times, I just can't wrap my mind around it. I assume he is referring to Account Privileges when he speaks of Record Level Access. I don't see any way to change the access level via a script. What am I missing? It seems that an OnLayoutEnter and OnRecordLoad script trigger that would put a 1 in the locking field (a checkbox), and then allowing the user to uncheck the field to allow editing, and then an OnLayoutExit script to put 1 back in the locking field is all that is needed. All I'm tryin
  12. Scenario: FMP 12 is running on an iMac that is shared by several people, each with their own FMP logins, and we have added the "Re-Login" script to the File menu for this purpose. This machine is also accessed remotely by other FMP users, sometimes by the same people who use the machine locally. So, FMP always needs to be running for remote access. Question: For security reasons, is it possible to create a script that will initiate Re-Login after a period of inactivity?
  13. Wow, I find it hard to believe that nobody else has had this issue. Anyone?
  14. Beuller? Beuller? I should add that all pictures are entered without the "store only a reference" box checked, so it's not an issue with the files having been moved or deleted.
  15. I built a couple of fairly simple databases in FMP v11 to catalog some art using one of the pre-made inventory templates. Both databases are used in a multi user environment. The "Insert Picture" button to place an image in the field has this simple script: Go to Field [Product Catalog:Image] Insert Picture [] In the first database this worked just fine. In the second one, the field randomly drops images, even in single user mode. After some searching I found one suggestion which I tried - adding this to the script: Set Field [Product Catalog:Image] Commit Records/
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