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  1. My purpose is to use a unix instruction to create a folder on the desktop of a Mac. SInce I don't have a Mac I have to set up the unix instruction that creates the folder from a PC with a Windows OS. I have the unix instruction under the Send Event command. Question: will FM recognize and execute correctly the unix based instruction from a Mac?
  2. No takers? This "impossbility" is another example of how little FMI cares about WIndows OS users. But the iPad thrill will pass and then...
  3. From a project file created under Windows OS, is it possible to script the creation of a folder in the desktop of a Mac once it is run under Mac OSX?
  4. Hello Lee, Certainly I must be doing something wrong although I don't know what. Anyhow this gave me extra time to fiddle with my file and make it work! All my problems originated during the setting up process of the Import Records step. Once I figured out FMI way of setting it up, the Importing script worked without any problems.
  5. Yes I first browse to locate the file, then I try to attach it. Bout I get the above mentioned error message.
  6. I tried but I got this error message: Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file
  7. Hello Lee, So, is there a way to upload files direclty into the forum? How do I do it?
  8. Running with the admin accoun, Standard menu t and the Import Table script with full accessgave me the following: For each table to be imported I got: When the script hits the Delete All Records script step I get error 3 (Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system, wrong mode, etc.) When the script hits the Import Records script step I get error 714 (Password privileges do not allow the operation). What password privileges? I am running it with the admin account with full access! When the script hits the Sort records script step I don't get any error. When
  9. After trying to adapt your Upgrade Import demo to my project I managed to make it unworkable To find out what was going on I decided to debugg my project. To avoid Privilege isues I opened my project with the admin account (full access) to see what was happening. So the source file (hps0400.fp7) was on my PC desktop as well as the target file. The only differences with respect to your Upgrade Import demo are: I am setting it up under Windows OS so the character set is Windows ANSI. Just in case it matters, in the Import Record script I have a two lines FIle Path List:
  10. Hello Barbara, Thanks for looking into my question. After comparing your two import scripts in your demos I realized why I was having the issue reported in this forum: I had: Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] this came form your Import Table Data script from Upgrade Demo instead of: Go to Record/Request/Page [ Last ] as it is stated in your ss Import from Source script from Upgrade Import I must say that your demos have kept me out of trouble many times and I am grateful for it. Thanks, natursalus
  11. I can either export MyFile1 to a folder on the desktop and later import from MyFile2 or I can directly import MyFile1 contents directly form MyFile2 I don't have any issues exporting to a folder on the desktop but whenever I import I run into the same issue: records are imported correctly (correct number imported into the correct tables and fields) but the next value for the key fields of all the tables of MyFile2 that have imported records have as next value: 2 When I do the import there are no errors. I have looked at the obvious: Import script is standard Ta
  12. Cable, Surely more experienced users could give you a better estimate. But from my biased perception of FMI update policy, I can give you the following hints: It seems that FMI releases updates following a 3-month period cycle. So if you check the release date of FM 12 Pro Advanced v3, I would say that it is about time. Maybe other more advanced FM users will disagree, but consumer feedback is not the driving force behind FMI update policy. So it might well happen that what you and I and other users consider relevant is just a minor performance issue for FMI. So it could happen
  13. It is up to you to decide how many bugs are you willing to put up with. A way to objectively assessed it is getting FM12 bugs database from filemaker website at: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/ad61a7e781 But be patient, FM Inc website is very slow. It has been this way for months now. So it is up to you to decide whether to go for FM 12 or not. If a friend of mine were asking the same question I would recommend him / her to wait until Fm Pro 12 Advanced v4 is released if ever, since there are still too many relevant issues with FM Pro 12 Advanced v3. My personal view of
  14. In spite of all well intentioned reassuring words, I am still very concerned about FMI future. Filemaker Pro Advanced v03 has just been released but things don't look good. Previously reported relevant problems hasn't been fixed. Consumers express their concerns but FMI is still unresponsive. Recent examples taken from FM corporate website: posted August 24, 2012 by OS Permalink Hi Jim, Thanks, I did see your suggestion, although as David mentions, it's not a practical solution for us, unfortunately. I have to say, the FM Support guy on the telephone
  15. The right steps in the right direction are welcome as long as the new features don't downgrade good old product features. Mistakes are understandable when the developer involved its customers in a comprehensive beta testing program. Delays are acceptable when customer feedback is matched with reassuring developer feedback. FMI website forum is crowded with FM 12 customers complaints and worries. To illustrate this point, this is a request to FMI made yesterday by a FM 12 customer @TSGal: this is just another moment where I can spoil about 10hours(!) of programmi
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