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  1. I just upgraded my Mac OS to Mojave (10.14.4). I am running FMP Advanced 11.0v4, and my databases are in FP7 format (due to a legacy system at work.) I now have a repeatable "glitch" where if I perform a find in a database and there are no records that come up as results (i.e., no records match the find), regardless which choice I make next (Cancel or Modify Find), the app quits and I keep getting the window to send the issue to Apple. I can immediately re-open the database, though usually the last 2-3 changes I made weren't saved. Other than the obvious option of upgrading the app, does an
  2. I have a field for which I have 30 different (and distinct) value lists. I would like to have the drop-down menu for that field to display the value list I need depending on the value of another field. So, for example, if the value of field A is "ABC", then I only want the value list associated with ABC to be in the drop-down menu for field B. If the value of field A is "DEF", then I only want the value list associated with DEF to be in the drop-down menu for field B, etc., down the line for all 30 possible values of field A. Can I do this in FMP? FYI, I'm on a iMac G5 using 1
  3. My current company has been using GoldMine for their CRM for a while. They asked me to create a separate "database" strictly for client-side relations, as opposed to customer-side (our clients have the products/services; we sell those to the customers.) Unfortunately, the term "database" in GoldMine is loose at best, as all of the separate "databases" still tie into one central UI. So if you delete a field from one "database", GoldMine deletes it from all the databases that exist. What this does is make it virtually impossible to make needed changes to make my "database" work properly, giv
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