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  1. Hello, I'll use a script to set a label number for one record. The script is now counting up but i won't count is down. So it starts for example with 10 and ends with 1 This is the script i'll use: Loop Set Variable ( $i ; $i + 1 ] // that's your loop counter Set Variable ( $$copy ; "Copy #" & $i ) // the global variable for your layout Print [ No dialog ] // set print dialog to print 1 copy only Exit Loop if [ $i = $numOfCopies ] End Loop Set Variable ( $$copy ; "" ) // clean-up; you only need the $$ while printing
  2. Hello, I would like to create a script when there is a field that is empty it's show a custom dialog. The only thing i'm struggling with is the blank row the portal creates. This the script i have: Go To Portal Row [select; First} Loop If [isEmpty ( article::Number)] Show Custom Dialog ["No Article";"No Article"] If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1] Exit Script[] End If Else If [isEmpty ( Article::Description )] Show Custom Dialog ["No Description";"No Description"] If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1] Exit Script[] End If End If Go to P
  3. Hello, What i want to do is : i have a portal and want to do a calculation on some records (selection). Tabel 1 : Customer Tabel 2 (portal rows): Article Numbers : 1,2,3,4,5,6 I would like a summary field wich count 1,2,6 and summarize that.
  4. Hello, I have one layout (1 record) when i'll print i'll choose the amount of papers i want to print. is it possible to add page numbers on my labels. I've already tried get (pageNumber) but it shows on all labels 1.
  5. I know how can i sort the portal so the rows ends up in the proper location? Did you see my file i'll included ?
  6. I don't think you onderstand me. I'll make for example 5 rows then i'll would like to add a new one between te first two.
  7. No it is not a portal in a portal. Just a portal to one table. What i'm trying to establish is when you press the green button there must be add a new record underneath it. I'll enclosed to file. user : admin no password WeekPlanning.zip
  8. Hello, I would add a new portal row button on each row when i'll click on it it must add a new portal row under the row the button is placed. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  9. Hello, I'll build a database for a simple order system. On the first layout i'll have a drop down menu in a portal. Now i want to disable users to type text in this drop down menu how can i do this. I only want that they can choose values from this list and no typing at all. Thanks already,
  10. Hello, i would create a value list that only shows the articles with belongs to the customer number (debiteur number) But i don't know how i'll create a sort of filter for it. Orderinvoer.zip
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