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  1. I recently have had to move to a Lion server machine from a Snow Leopard server machine. My soluition worked fine for months on Snow Leopard...using FMS v11 (my fmpro client is on Mountain Lion) SuperContainer seems to work fine (upload, view, download,delete)) from a browser (running from Lion Server) however in my solution I cannot upload files using the Companion Plugin (though I can view them in a WebViewer with style=noapplet). '1' is returned after setting the BaseUrl but I get a "operation denied by the server" error when trying to upload using SCSetContainer.. I have changed
  2. Hello, I can't find this issue elsewhere in the forum, so here goes... Does anyone have experience of dealing with winmail.dat attachments? I gather these are sometimes sent by Outlook and wrap around the file that you actually wanted to attach. So EG If you sent a .docx file from outlook, it may well be sent inside a winmail.dat file. I believe that most email clients (eg Apple Mail and Thunderbird) have 'decoders' to re-convert these .dat files back to their original. The problem is - How can we convert winmail.dat files that we download from email attachments (using Em
  3. Thanks for the explanation! That is how I thought it should work... unfortunately I can't get it to work like that. Using SCDownload followed by SCSetContainer I can get the desired result of effectively copying a file from part of the SC directory to a new part (but it would be much nicer to just copy rather than download to local machine then reupload to new location). Using the exact same paths for SCCopy it does not work (returns ERROR, as initial post)- which I find very confusing! I am happy with my file paths because they work using other SC function just fine. Any
  4. Hello, I am trying to get SCCopy to work. I have version 2.792 installed on my mac-mini server. I have version 2.852 companion plugin on the filemaker client. Base URL is set on file opening. I am trying to copy a document from one part of the supercontainer directory to another part of the supercontainer directory. I can achieve the desired result using SCDownload followed by SCSetContainer (using the $download result), but I can't get the SCCopy to work using the same filepaths. EG Set Variable[$download = SCDownload("supercontainer_foldername")] Set Variable[$u
  5. Thanks for the reply Smef. I seemed to have solved it but not sure how exactly - I think it was a problem with email addresses and commas etc when compiling a long list of addresses for a mailshot.... All seems fine at the moment! Will post here again if it recurrs, with logs.. Thanks Guy
  6. Hello, Can anyone give me a clue what the EmailLastError message '[EOF]' means (end of file?), and how I might go about fixing it. I am getting it when the EmailSend function is run. All other functions work fine - connecting, creating, setting body, setting BCC etc (ie no EmailLastError message when I run the functions as seperate variables) but when I come to setting EmailSend, I get the EOF error message. BTW I am currently using Demo license, but restarting filemaker doesn't solve it... Many thanks Guy
  7. Hi, I thought I would post this as a topic that might help someone else...There is probably a better/easier way of doing this but, hey, I am no expert! My setup: Remote FM server (a mac server) accessed by distant FM clients (over internet) and a website served from same machine. My issue: Part of my SuperContainer is for storing sensitive documents that need to be as secure as possible. Part of my SuperContainer is for storing images used on a website. Problem: complete filepath including supercontainer user/password are shown in the imgsrc url on the website
  8. Hello, I have SuperContainer installed on my remote FMS server (using installer.jar) and things are working nicely with the regular features (without plugin)on my hosted database. I have a standard license. I would like to utilize the plugin for its scriptable functions. These would be triggered by user interaction on remote client machines with the database hosted on the FMS, rather than scheduled server scripts. To utilize the plugin functions, should I install the plugin on each client's FMPro or should I install it on the FMServer, or both? Aplogies for my ignorance!
  9. Many Thanks! Not sure how I missed this.... Cheers Guy
  10. Hello, I have just bought the standard license for SuperContainer. I have installed it on my remote filemaker server (clicked the installer.jar) and registered it....so far so good. What I find a bit alarming is that I can go to http://myserver.com/SuperContainer/Files/my/custom/file/path in a browser (not via FM) and upload, download, delete anything and everything, no authentication required! I can create and delete directories/files in SuperContainer this way - as could anyone else from a browser by merely knowing the above URL. I understand the idea of using SSL and long random di
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