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  1. Ocean West, I can't open the file you provided since I am only running FMP11. Would you be able to create a file that is accesible from version 11? MartieH, so I would relate the two tables through the Instruction type field in both the instruction table and the main layout table? Also I'm not sure if I understand what your doing with putting a transparent field on top of the drop down list...?
  2. Hey mr_vodka, thanks for the reply! I've created an "instruction table" that has a primary key field, an instruction type field (simple cream, etc) and a Instruction field (that contains the instruction steps). If I want this information to be displayed on a record from another table, how should i set up the relation between the two tables? Thanks again for the help!
  3. Hey everyone, this has probably been covered in another thread, but I couldn't find one based on my search so I apologize if this has been incessantly covered under some title I didn't think of. I am trying to make it so when a user enters a certain description the instruction field is automagically filled in with basic instructions associated with that description. So for example you could have a drop-down field with the following descriptions: simple cream complex cream suspension and then based on the selection the user makes the instruction field (a text field) would be p
  4. Thanks for the replies. I think i am getting hung up on the fact that i don't want a new record created for each subsequent date, rather i have one record that i want displayed on multiple dates depending on information contained in the fields for that record. I know this probably seems like a bad setup, but basically this calendar is just used for scheduling purposes, not an actual delivery that is being fulfilled. So if i have one record for a customer that is set for today, tuesday june 12th, and another field in that record that is set for 2 weeks is there a way to have a coupl
  5. Hey eos, Thanks for the demo file. Unfortunately when i tried to adjust and implement the script you designed something went wonky. The calendar solution i mentioned in my first post is based on 7 filtered portals, one for each day of the week. I of course didn't come up with the calendar i just stumbled upon the file while i was searching for calendar solutions on google. i've attached the file i found so maybe it will help clarify what i'm looking to do. As for the changes i made to the script, basically i didn't incorporate your DeliveryDates table, instead i just tried substituting in
  6. Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a little help building a calculation to create a recurrent event based on the contents of a specific field. Basically what i've done is integrate a simple calendar solution into a database that tracks deliveries to my various customers. I've gotten to where my related delivery information is displayed in the calendar layout but i am looking for a way to set recurrent deliveries based on a Delivery::DeliverySchedule field. The values of this field can either be "weekly", "2 Weeks" or "4 weeks". So for example if i have a delivery set for today, friday jun
  7. I didn't think another TO was necessary either until i discovered that the ActualQuantity portal won't display the the materialID or the Material fields. Is it because the portal on the batches layout won't look past the inventory table and grab the values from the material2 table?
  8. Comment, Ok this is what is currently working, but i wanted to check if this setup is correct. I've connected the inventory table to the actualquantities and the material2 tables via this relationship ActualQuantities::InvID ---> Inventory::InvID ; Inventory::MaterialID ---> Material2::MaterialID In order for the ActualQuantity portal to display the materialID and material fields i created another TO of the material table (material3) with this relationship ActualQuantities::MaterialID ---> Material3::MaterialID I know these are very elementary r
  9. Ok, so what i think your getting at is that because its not really the recipe itself that has an attribute of quantity but instead its the ingredients that make up the recipe...hence the amount field belongs in the join table. If thats what your getting at i now understand...if not i'm more confused! Also, if you can show me how to integrate my inventory table into your working solution that would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Cheers!
  10. Comment, Thanks for the working file, just seeing the way you set it up helps clarify things immensely! A couple more questions; first, why does the ::Quantity field belong in the ReqQuantity table and not in the recipe table? Second, How would i go about setting up an inventory table? I've tried setting it in between the ActualQuantity and Materials tables and also tried creating another TO for the materials table and couldn't get either of these to work
  11. Ya i obviously have some more problems probably took on a little too ambitious of a project for a first timer. Live and learn i guess I started snooping around and i found that the FormIngred::_FK_IngredID field does not contain a value when a new formula is created. I checked the relationship between the Ingredient and FormIngred tables and it allows the creation of records in the FormIngred table so any idea on what would cause this? I also started going through your script to try and understand all the steps and i have some questions/problems. First, Set Variable [ $ingr
  12. This makes sense to me, what i'm having trouble with is populating the AuditForm because when i try and populate the portal with records from the AuditInv table no ingredients show up. When i look at the AuditInv layout the fields _FK_Inventory and Amount both show question marks, which seems to be the likely problem. I checked the script steps which involve setting fields in the AuditInv table and the Get(value) calculation seems to be correct so i'm a little lost with what is going wrong. Thanks for your extended help!
  13. I'm confused, what fields should be there that would permit look-up functionality? Previously i had related fields in the portal and everything worked fine EXCEPT that when an ingredient or amount changes in the formula it affects all the existing audit forms related to that formula...How do i fix this?
  14. Oh ok that makes sense, thanks for the explanation. I'm still having trouble with the portal rows on the audit form displaying the first ingredient instead of each portal row displaying it's own ingredient. Currently i have the portal with two fields AuditForm::Ingredients and AuditForm::Amount and they look-up their values from the FormIngred table. The portal is then defined to display related records from the FormIngred table. I now know that the Ingredient and amount fields need to be look-up fields in order prevent change if the related field is modified, but don't fields in p
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