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  1. Numbering Paragraphs

    Thank you! You are absolutely correct, the issue will be when the user wants to add a paragraph in the middle of the document. I think I will play around with an interface to break every paragraph in to a separate record. -=fred=-
  2. Numbering Paragraphs

    I am trying to add a feature to number the paragraphs in a text field. Has anyone dose this before? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to write a script that will load a container with a file. The script will be ran from a custom web publishing after an "add new record". When I try to use the get file as container all I get is a ? in the container. I am using a set field to set the container. In the calculation for the set field I have: GetFileAsContainer( $filelocation ) (where $filelocation is "filemac:/FM Server/Library/WebServer/Documents/John/uploads/" & Medical Treament Log::filename If I have omitted any important information please let me know. Or if I am just barking up the wrong tree on how to use the GetFileAsContainer please let me know as well. Thanks! -=fred=-
  4. Script to Make Alias to Client Project Folder

    Well I figured out how to do it using an apple script. If any one is interested here is my script: Set Variable [ $staff; Value:Staff::Full Name ] Set Variable [ $clientfolder; Value:"/Volumes/ClientDrive/"&Clients::Last First ] Set Variable [ $client; Value:Clients::Last First ] Set Variable [ $target; Value:"/Volumes/Test Alias/" ] Set Variable [ $makefolder; Value:"set make_folder to POSIX file "&Quote($target)&" as alias"&¶& "try"&¶& "tell application "Finder"" & ¶ & "Make new folder at make_folder"& ¶ & "set name of result to"&Quote($staff) & ¶ & "end tell"&¶ & "on error errmsg number errNum"&¶ & "delete result"&¶& "end try" ] Perform AppleScript [ Calculated AppleScript: $makefolder ] Set Variable [ $makealias; Value:"set location_folder to POSIX file "&Quote($target&$Staff&"/")&" as alias"&¶& "set target_folder to POSix file "&Quote($clientfolder)&"as alias"&¶& "try"&¶& "tell application "Finder"" & ¶ & "make new alias file at location_folder to target_folder"& ¶ & "set name of result to"&Quote($client) & ¶ & "end tell"&¶ & "on error errmsg number errNum"&¶ & "try"&¶ & "delete result"&¶& "end try"&¶ & "end try" ] Perform AppleScript [ Calculated AppleScript: $makealias ]
  5. I would like to make a script that would create a directory of aliases to clients project folders. My staff members need to access clients working folders to save projects in. All of the clients folders are in a share on our fileserver. What I would like is some kind of script that will make a directory on a share with the staff members name, then fill the directory with aliases to that staff member's assigned clients' project folders. I do have a relationship from the clients to the staff members and I have a calculation to the clients folders. I have used scriptworks 360 Scriptmaster to create folders in the past, but I am not sure if I should use that or some other script to create the staff folders. Then on making the aliases is where I need the most help. Thank you for your time! -=fred=- PS if i omitted some important information let me know
  6. Where to start. We are now getting important client information e-mailed to us in the form of attachments. The attachments have the clients name and a reference number in the file name. ie Smith, John, 1234567.pdf What I would like is to forward the email message based on the attachment name, inducing the orignal attachment. Or what would be even better if I could download the attachments, put them in a clients folder then e-mail the staff member alerting them that a clients files have been updated. Right now I have a server script that runs every 15 minutes to get the mail. I can see the attachment names, but I am unsure how to work with the files. Thanks! -=fred=-
  7. Ok, I am new to FileMaker so please ask any questions if I leave out an important detail. What I am trying to do is print a letter that has a variable amount of information in it. I have a table with clients and a related table with invoices in it. What I would like is a letter that has some client information at the top, ie our logo, the date, and the client's mailing address, then a little message about the invoices. Then I would like it to print all the out standing invoices number, date, and description. (all fields in the invoice table) and end with a nice statement with the total number of outstanding invoices and please pay etc. I tried making a list layout using the invoice table with all the client info in the header, then the information I wanted in the body, then closing statement in the footer. Something like: Header: Logo, <<client::address>>, dear <<client::fullname>> Body: Invoice numb:<<Invoice num>> On <<Date>> work done: <<Description>> Footer: Nice message with a total and please pay etc When I run the script to go to related records, do my find and sort by script it looks ok. All the invoices are listed. But when I print the layout it breaks each invoice record in to a new page. ie Header Invoice 1 Footer Header Invoice 2 Footer etc How Can I get a print out like looks like: Header Invoice 1 Invoice 2 Footer I am so close on getting the letter done. I have the scripts selecting the correct invoices. Now I need to get all the invoices printing in the middle of the header and footer and I will be good. Help!! -=fred=-

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