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  1. Thanks. Of course this is only relevant if I want the related field, like country, on the same layout. Am I best aiming to leave out the selectable country option?
  2. Yes the club names are unique, but for some reason I cant seem to show only the second field. It works fine to present the drop-down but upon selection of the team it shows me the TeamID.
  3. Thank you. I hadn't set up the list correctly with both fields. Only issue I have now is once selected from my drop down list, the field displays the ID rather than the name. any way around this?
  4. Next simple question, if you can be so kind. Table - Matches Match_ID Club_ID MatchDate Table - Clubs Club_ID ClubName ClubCountry On my Match layout - I have various fields, one of which is the "Club Name". Beside this, I want it to show the "Club Country". Ideally I want the Club Name drop down to be filtered by the selected country, and have a default country selected for new records. I have set the country's within the Table:Clubs - ClubCountry as a valuelist. And on the layout mode I have inserted a field, selected Table - Clubs, and
  5. Sorry - I think my poor use of the proper terminology has made my last post unclear. I have created the date relationship as you described. And put the SeasonDescription on the Matches layout. But its showing up empty and I cant work out how to populate it? Apologies if I seem a little off it. Appreciate the help.
  6. Thank you, make perfect sense. However having created the field, I'm not 100% sure on how I'd populate it. Would I use a value list or is there something else I can set to do it for me?
  7. Hi All, bit of a novice here. I have a table that defines the start and end dates for football seasons. In my table Matches, I want my 'Season_ID' field to automatically show the 'SeasonDescription' for which ever season it is when I insert the 'MatchDate'. Can anyone advise me how to do this? Don't imagine it can be that difficult but I cant find anything using google. Table: Seasons Season_ID SeasonDescription [iE: SEASON 2011/12] SeasonStartDate [iE: 01/JUN/2011] SeasonEndDate [iE: 30/MAY/2012] Table: Matches Match_ID MatchDate Season_ID
  8. I mean will creating a number of records in the same table cause any problems as the database ages? That said, I'd imagine we would only populate it with around 50 matches a year, 50x25 = 1250 records per year
  9. Thank you. Would creating this number of records a number of times over cause any problems going forward?
  10. Thank you. Yes its really important I record what's happening with EVERY player. And at any one time, there are about 25 players, +/- 2.
  11. Thank you. What if I strip it back to a simpler db, I think the relationship construction would be easy enough. Would you agree? My challenge is the player record table. How would I be able to create a GUI that, for each match and in recognition of the date of that match, would allow me to record the 'Status' of every player in my squad at that time (will need to reference the LeaveDate in the players table). Is that something that is complex? -Squad Table Player_ID PlayerName JoinDate LeaveDate DOB Height -Matches Table Match_ID Date Tim
  12. Hi All - Hope you don't mind a newbie landing here. Looking for a pointer in the right direction for the best place to learn about tables and relationships in filemaker so I can press on with a couple of projects. The internet is littered with FM learning areas - can you recommend any in particular? I'm very familiar with IT and logic but not so much databases and in particular, filemaker. Aiming to build a couple of databases in my spare time so downloaded a trial of FM Pro 11. The first database is for my football team; I want to build a table to record information on football
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