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  1. It's early and my brain seems to not be working.

  2. "What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One's a sick duck and I can't remember how it ends, but your mother's a whore."

  3. So really, New Yorkers aren't nearly as rude as the tourists visiting NY. Too many people think that being on vacation gives them a free pass to be dicks.

  4. Happy to be heading home...not happy to be returning to work.

  5. Had the best dinner last night with the very best people.

  6. NYC day 1 was awesome! Rested and ready for day 2 :)

  7. NY tomorrow morning with Matt Ramsay. I'm too excited for words.

  8. Hey all, I've been running a FMS locally for about 5 years with no issues. We have an XServe and a large database with about 20 users and a ton of data. Our salespeople access it remotely from home on their laptops and via FileMaker Go. We recently merged with another company and are in the process of moving them to our FileMaker solution. For a short term solution, I installed a Mac Mini Server running 10.7 in their office (they're in SC and we're in FL) connected to a 1.5Mbit T1 line (not fast but about the best they're going to get in that area...and the same that we have here). To convert them, I made a clone of our database and imported their data into it, matching the appropriate fields from Salesforce and Quickbooks. I worked with the file for a couple of weeks and everything was fantastic. A week ago, I installed the equipment, loaded the database into FileMaker Server and let her rip. Everything SEEMED fine until last Friday when layout elements and value lists began to disappear. I pulled all the backups but they were damaged beyond repair. Recover wouldn't open them. I'm not too concerned about the data because they only had a week to enter new stuff and didn't do much, and I had a copy saved from before I put it on their server. Every time I attempt to recover the file, It tells me that the account was tampered with or damaged. I spent all day Friday and today trying to run down the possible causes of the corruption but keep coming up short. My file pre-upload tests fine and we're running the same solution in our office with no problems. I thought it must have been a fluke, so I uploaded it back to the server. I connected and started working. Within a few minutes, I lost the connection and when I pulled the file to test it, it was corrupt and kept hanging the Filemaker app causing me to force quit it. I know that speed can be an issue and that losing connection while working can cause some data corruption, but is it possible for it to be THAT bad as to render a previously functioning database unuseable? I uploaded another good copy of the file onto my local server and it's chugging along just fine. I even tested it for a while using a mobile card so that I could access it off my LAN. I'm tearing my hair out. Could it be an issue with the Server? With the equipment? Anyone run into this before? Thanks! S.
  9. Finally getting a quiet day at home to write. Got my dogs, my coffee, and bad music loaded into the playlist. Only thing missing is Matt Ramsay.

  10. Off for a super day of fun.

  11. If Psych and House were to have a British baby, it would be the new Sherlock on the BBC.

  12. I'm actually for SOPA. Think of all the crap we could do instead of sitting at our computers looking at pictures of cats.

  13. I wish I could play dead when people ask me stupid questions. Or shoot them with a paintball gun as a warning to others.

  14. If Joss Whedon were a musician instead of a filmmaker, I think he'd be Jimmy Eat World.

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