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  1. Hi Steven: I know the devices exists, but dedicated devices can be costly and it is another "thing" that has to be cared for and can easily be lost. I have not tried out the new Filemaker Cloud. Guess I need to take a look and see what they are implementing. I like the concept of FIlemaker ID, but I'm a bit peeved that it is only available in the Cloud platform, at least for the time being. SMS is being used by many large services for 2FA. So are they simply ignorant of the risks, or have they decided the risks is minimal? I like the "Authy" type virtual dongles.
  2. Hi Steven: Very interesting commentary. I am apposed to hardware keys unless they are keys on devices we already have, like our phones. We don't need more "things" to carry around. Why is SMS bad? What do you think about applications like Authy such as Amazon uses for 2FA? Any idea of what is involved in integrating such an application for Filemaker? Logging has been a long standing issue in Filemaker. Most everything we have that is "native" are hacks that are subject to work arounds and suck performance. I've been experimenting using Amazon services to gat
  3. OK Thanks. Maybe something that can be done in the future? I'm trying to see if it is possible to show/edit and manipulate Word and Excel documents directly in Filemaker. Ideally in WebDirect. Limited success so far. Lee
  4. Can 360 Works Scribe Read and Write data to Word and Excel Documents in the scope of Office 365 and OneDrive? I.e. can I manipulate values of documents and save them without moving them into a container or to the local hard drive? I would like to do this on both Mac and Windows platforms. Cheers!
  5. Check that the data being queried and your field names is not approaching 16K characters or more. Filemaker ESS won't deal with the data properly. Also be sure that your Primary key is indeed unique. Cheers! Lee
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