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  1. I have used the file maker pro 11 advanced and develop the application. currently chage the appication into file maker pro advenced 12 and os is mac osx 10.6 version. In this, when I try to use "save as pdf" option the application wil be closed unexpectedly and pdf also not generated. I google it and found that, i. delete the below file and retry, [Your Home Folder]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/TypeSpt/AdobeFnt08.lst But I didn't found any such file in that path. Please help me to solve this issue. Thank you. Regards, Murali
  2. Hi all, I have the tables products and keywords. In this Each product have the multiple keywords. But I need to check the duplication for the keywords in the product. The same keyword can come in the another product, but should not in the same product. Please give me the suggestion to fix this. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I have the table products and keywords. In this Each product having multiple keywords. The keyword should not duplicate in each of the product. But same keyword can used in the another product. In the keyword table I have the product id and the keyword field. How to validate the duplication. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the reply, I found the solution for this, Go to Related Record will work to find the products based on the keywords found set. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, I have the product table. For this I have to add multiple keywords for product. For keywords I use the another table. Now I need search the product based field keyword. Based on the keyword search, I need to show the products having the same keyword. Kindly give the solution for search based on relation table. Thanks
  6. Hi Lionel, I need to integrate the auto cad tools into my file maker application. Can you please tell me the way to do this. Is there any plug ins available for integrate auto cad with file maker. Thanks in advance...
  7. Dear All, Can Filemaker is integrated with the following application. 1. ERP 2. MS Active directory 3. MS FIle system 4. MS Sql 5. Web portals 6. Web Shop 7. CAD tools Can any one help me, to find the possibilities for integrating this with file maker application Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi to all, I need to create the report(Print view) in my project. In that i have a portal row. Is there anything possible to increase the portal rows dynamically. Thanks,
  9. The error will be shown as "The file is not configured properly! reinstalling the application may fix the problem". The above error will be shown while open this application in without file maker installed system.The Source and destination OS of the file is windows XP.
  10. Yes, I transfer all the files belongs to the converted folder. but, still It's not working...
  11. In the Inspector ( View - > Inspector ) , using the appearance tab - > 'text' column Font type will be mentioned in the dropdown. In the drop down, click ' configure / More fonts ' option. The popup window shows the fonts you installed. From that you can select the code 39 fonts.
  12. Hi bcooney, as you said it automatically convert into .fp5 to .fp7 file format. After that using the developer utilities i create the run time solution, using the steps as I said in my 2nd post in this topic. but it is working in the same system i create the run time solution,and file maker installed systems. Other windows system, the exe file didn't open. It shows the configuration error. Please give me the steps need to follow, while creating the run time.
  13. Thanks for your reply. What are the steps to convert new exe file from the converted file.
  14. How to convert FP5 to FP7. please help me..
  15. Hi IdealData, I need to convert that file into the executable one in windows OS. ie.,the file will be in (.exe) extension.
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