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  1. I found the answer to my own question and will post it here in case anyone else comes along with the same question: All I had to do was open up the script in the script editor and check off the "run with full access privileges" checkbox at the bottom.
  2. Hi, I have made a couple of buttons which give my users a nice way to deal with managing accounts (creating and deleting user accounts, changing passwords, etc). I have attached scripts to the buttons that do the desired action--for example, the Add Account button provides a prompt for a username and password that the user can specify, and then adds this new account to the list of accounts. However, the problem is that I want my users to have data-entry only account privileges. (I don't want them to have full privileges so that they cannot edit the layouts, etc.) However when I try to run the script from an account with data-entry only privileges, I get an error when I try to run the script that says that I do not have the priviledges to run it. (The script runs fine from an account with full privileges.) I tried to make my own custom privilege set that will provide data-entry only privileges as well as the ability to run these scripts, but I cannot seem to find which setting would allow my users to run them. Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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