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  1. Hi everyone, I believe mine is an old and easy problem and should have been covered in some of the earlier post. But I have search thru this for weeks and don't seems to find anything near the solution I am looking for. So I really hope to get some help here. I have a dropdown box which I want to populate with fields from the same table. Table : Items First Field ItemID : 1,2,3,4,5,10 Second Field : ItemName : BreadFast, Lunch, Dinner,Soccer, Bank Interest, Others Create New Value List - Under File/Manage/ValueList Now what I want is for the dropdown bo
  2. Hi there, I have a field call CompanyName. When user enter data into this field, I have script that breaks the data into 4 variables. So for e.g., the user key in Bank Of America , so I have 4 var $Name1=Bank, $Name2=Of, $Name3=America and $Name4="". The problem is when the input is something like "Bank of America (NY)" and using what I did above I get $Name1=Bank, $Name2=Of, $Name3=America and $Name4=NY. The last var is puzzling because what I wanted was to also include the brackets i.e.. $Name4= (NY) instead of just "NY" Hope someone can show me how I can achieve this.
  3. Thanks so much. Will give it a try. Actually what I am trying to do is I have set up a input field. I am trying to anticipate that the user when inputing the name of a company(which is the field the user may include extra space and when this happens company name "Test 1" will be different form company name "Test 1" when they are actually the same company and may cause duplicates in records. Maybe there could be a better method but I am still pretty new to FM and database. Hope my explanation make sense. :)
  4. Hi everybody, I am trying to find a way to work this into my script. I have a search field. (Text) When I type "Test 1"(notice that there are many spaces), I am trying to convert my text string to just "Test 1". Or when I type "Test 1 2", I hope to convert the text string to "Test 12". At first I though I could use the Trim function but apparently it didn't seem to work. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  5. Hi Raybaudi, thanks a lot. I tired. But it does not work with the "Go To Next Field". I tired just "Go To Field" without indicating any field to go to and it works just fine. Again thanks!
  6. Hi everybody, hope someone can help me. I have a field(phone field) where I have set it to only unique value input. When I key in data into this field and if the phone no already exist I have this dialogue box popping up that says " (Phone no) is defined to contain unique values only. You must enter a unique value" [Revert] [Ok]. What I want to do is to suppress this message box and prevent it from appearing and using my own custom message box instead. However I don't seems to be able to identify the error codes. When I researched around, there are information indicating that this
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