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  1. Hey guys and gals.. I made some script trigger in FM 10 advance.. then tested it, but it doesnt work in FM pro 9..Is there a way i can make the script trigger function in fm pro 9?Thanks!
  2. anyhow after integrating it, i cant find the font type to change to code 39... anyidea.. i know that truetype font is only support on filemaker 7 and above on windows and after installing it on windows, i still cant find it on my filemaker pro 9.
  3. Hi there, how do i integrate the code39 into fm? now my field is at *123456* Hmm after installing the free3of9, i cant find to change the font to code39.... where do i find that font...
  4. thats great to hear... Global Storage for a field works fine too.. Hmm i was just thinking of ways to block passware form doing its job... @_@
  5. Assuming you have 2 users using the database at the same time.. I have a set variable maybe say $name using custom dialog when they login wanting them to type that in. So 2 users were to use it at the same time, i mean type the same type, will the variable be dedicated to the each user? So far i have been doing that using Global storage for the field.. Example Case : User A Types James into $$name At the same Time User B types Johnny into $$name too since they use the database at the same time. What will the outcome be when i set a field to $$name? Will it show James for
  6. Hi there, Just wondering other than using a field that uses Global Storage, is there a way to create a dedicated variable to each user? For example user 1 his variable is 10 User 2 does something and his variable is 12.. Variable that entirely depends on what that person does. I know one way to do this is to create a field with global storage...
  7. Nope, the database will be hosted on a server where its accessible to a closed network of people.(Example office only) Somehow just preparing for the worst in case someone obtains the file... and passware removes whatever password in any database in less than 0.01 seconds.. @_@.. Thats the fearsome part.. I tested it on windows on my own database and i am just speechless... If just i could understand how they do it, i might find a way to go around it.. So the only way i could figure out is, assuming the file is present in a wrong system ( other than the server) then it would self-
  8. Lol... Hmm trying to avoid 1st objective : Passware... 2nd Objective : other password *recovery* So i was thinking the only way u could use any of them is by obtaining the file and since the program removes the password all together, i was thinking either input a system where if the filepath is wrong, it deletes all records in it... By definition of lockout you mean?....
  9. So basically there is no way at all to change this address? Unless you change the card? im looking to design a stronger security system for my database.. I was thinking of a few security features that deletes the entire databases's records once opened... Oh when i mention defeat, i mean, like spoof the address or fake the address...
  10. Hi everyone, Just have a short question, i tried spoofing my mac address, but however, the Get(SystemNICAddress) still gives me the original NIC address... Is there ever a way to defeat this function? Thank You.
  11. Just a short question, I am wondering what is the Omit record for? and also can you explain the logics behind the exit loop if found count=0? I mean, thinking from my perspective, Foundcount is the number of records right? so, how is the number of records ever 0? Please explain. Thank you!
  12. I need to have a fresh copy of it for every single year..
  13. Hi guys/gals, I have a question, assuming that i have a layout which is like employee database and stores something in lets say Field 1. It works fine, but lets say now it is year 2011. How do i duplicate the employee database and let the field 1 to be New? I know it can be done manually, but i was wondering i could make a script where i just click a button, and the entire database is duplicated and the field 1 is empty again. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.
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