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  1. Thank you for your answer! This knowledge help me!
  2. No, is not the same folder. But i tyed with the network reference "fmnet:/" instead of "file:DAT_Engine". And i have the same problem.
  3. the external file reference is working on a FM client with server hosted files. The reference is relative (file:DAT_Engine). why is the file reference not working on the server?
  4. Yes, i created a custom plugin und use its ExecuteSQL(). When i run the SELECT-Statement on an internal Table (in APP_Engine.fp7), it works.
  5. Hello, i run a scheduled script on ther FM Server 10. this sheduled script from File "APP_Engine.fp7" run ExecuteSQL("SELECT Field1 FROM Table1"). The result of the excecution ist "ERROR" ! Table1 exists as a Table occurence (TO) in APP_Engine und comes from an other external file "DAT_Engine.fp7". what am I doing wrong? NOTICE.: When i run the SELECT on an internal Table (in APP_Engine.fp7), it works. thanks for your help!
  6. Ok, i found the problem! I had the 64 Bit Version on the server. Now i installed the 32 Bit Version and it function without problems.
  7. I have read the user guide (http://360works.com/plugins/SCRIPTMASTERPLUGIN/documentation.html) to install Scriptmaster Plugin on the filemaker server, in order to run scripts within Filemaker Server Schedule. i does the folwing steps: Install steps for FileMaker Server 9 or later You do not need to do this step unless you plan on using the plugin with scheduled script triggering, a new feature in FileMaker Server 9. You will need an Enterprise License to use this feature. Drag the plugin from the MAC (.fmplugin file) or WIN (.fmx file) folder into the FileMaker Server extensions
  8. i tried with Filemaker 11 and had the same problem. But now i know the problem :-) I was working with a Window 64 Bit version and that was the problem! With Windows 32 Bit it is working just fine :-) Your idea with the FM container is nice too, i will try it. Thansks!
  9. I used a Thread und set the priority with different values. But i habe always the same problem another idea ? thanks!
  10. Hello dansmith65, thanks for your answer. I compilet my code / class in a Jar-File as you sad. In Filemaker i just use the following call to make an instanse of my class: CFMMenue fen = new CFMMenue(fmpro); and i have the same problem! Filemaker d'ont respond sometimes and sometimes takes a lot of time bevore executing the called Filemaker-Script. Did you an idea about this problem? or another solution? The background is to make a bether dynamic navigation of our filemaker solution (f.e.: with JTree). Thanks for your help !
  11. Thanks it functions. But now i have the same problem like in this Thread: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/74209-fmpro-object-taking-a-long-time-to-respond/ The fmpro Objekt d'ont respond regulary! Did you have a solution for this problem? Thank you very much!
  12. Hello, i have exactly the same problem! i use Win 7 and FMA 10 Did you solved the problem? Best Regards
  13. Hi, I like to call call the "actionPerformed" of the button a FileMaker script in the following code This does not work! What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help CODE: import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; new FensterWegImplementsAll(); class FensterWegImplementsAll extends JFrame implements WindowListener, ActionListener { public FensterWegImplementsAll() { setLayout(null); setSize( 400, 400 ); addWindowListener( this ); setVisible( true ); JButton btn_1 = new JButton("TOC"); btn_1.setBounds(10,
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