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  1. Consultant: Works great, I created a script using GTRR as the first function in the script. I used some custom functions to determine height width and top and set left to a big negative value -5000. I then turn off status bar, disable user abort, Then move the window to the center of the screen. It works great!!! Thanks for the tip. Bruce
  2. Hi Lee, Relationships is a great place. My friends say I'm really good in relationships Nuos: Globals are a briliant and, as a mathamatition would term, "Elegant" solution. Thank you. Consultant: I have not tried that and I will try it out but I'm not sure it provides me the option to control the window as I'd like (size, position, locking it, etc.) but maybe it would. Thank you all. Its so nice to have people willing to share their ideas!!
  3. I'm working in filemaker pro 11 advanced. I have a problem I can't figure out. Here is the situation: I have a table called Program, a table called Staff and a Join Table called PgmStaff. I have a Layout called Program using records from the table Program. On that layout I have a portal to the PgmStaff join table where I link up a program to the staff that work at that program. So far, nothing special. What I want to do is have a button on the lines of the portal and when I select that button it launches a Pop-Up window (using records from Staff) and displaying in the record the butt
  4. Thank you both for your helpful comments. Hey Dave, I've been up your way a few times. Is Jerry's Fries still there? Best fries I've had since I was a kid
  5. thank you, that worked great
  6. I once attended a lecture on Database Design by a prominent bio-infomatics designer who started the lecture by saying "Any idiot can design a database... and MANY do." In an effort to avoid being an Idiot I'm trying to review the Filemaker Standards and revisit design in general. It's clear to me that my last design was half-assed (as I look at it now). It is functional but not well designed and it leds me to a general question about the very basics of relational databases. What is the criteria for establishing a table? Example: In my last database I created a table for "Cli
  7. Hi, Thank you, I totally misinterpreted the list function, that will give me the list. Can I then use the replace() function to replace the "/n" with a ", "? If so how do you represent the new line in Filemaker?
  8. I'm not sure exactly where this SHOULD be posts but this seems as close as can find. Here is my situation. I created a database with, among many others, I have a table for Clients and a related table for the medications they take (all related nicely). The medications table includes Brand name, generic name, strength, dose etc. I also created a report following a predesignated format (need to stick with this format) and one box in the form requires a list of the medications only (generic or brand if there is no generic). I don't need any other data from the table for this report
  9. That's what I kind of thought which is why I created the 2nd table occurance to feed the set the primary key first. BUT... Okay, at least I know what is going on. I do like your solution. It makes a lot of and simpler is better. Thanks for the help. Bruce
  10. That is an excellent solution and probably what I will end up doing now that you mention it. BUT, at the moment I'm obsessed about why what I tried to do doesn't work.
  11. Well you are close, and I see what you are getting at but TRAVEL table represents a group of trips that I submit for payment. It MAY be a months worth of trip records but it might be 2 months if I didn't travel much or a couple of weeks if I traveled a lot. It it represents a grouping of trips much like an invoice represents a group of line items submitted for payment.
  12. Its attached (I think) Thanks Travel.zip
  13. Easiest way is to look at it. I've attached 2 files. One is Travel.fp7 The other is milebug_report.xls which contains the date I wish to import. The intent is to start with the USER layout, enter user name (could have set USER up as globals, probably will only ever be used with one person) Next is to go to the Travel Voucher layout just to create a record to create a key field record to associate all the trip records with. I then go to the TRIPS layout and do a file/import and import the records from the xls file. Thanks for your help. Sorry that I'm not very c
  14. Well, that is essentially my problem. I can't figure out how to automatically assign the _kp_travel_id (from the travel table) to each _kf_travel_id in the TRIPS table. After the import all _kf_travel_id values should be (or be equal too) the single _kp_travel_id. There must be a way to have that assigned automatically. People import records all the time. It would be nuts if they have to jump through hoops to then associate those records with other data. Do I need to write a separate script to assign each value? Or, maybe make _kf_travel_id a calculation field? Hmmmm, going to try that
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