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  1. I have the following code in a webviewer to vide a pdf: "data:text/html,<!doctype><html> <body> <object data='data:application/pdf;base64," & Base64Encode ( PDF::File_Container ) & "' type='application/pdf' width='100%' height='100%'> </body> </html>\"" If I only want to view the bottom half (or top half) of the pdf, is there something I can edit here to achieve that? Somewhat also related, what if I want to view page 2 of the pdf by default?
  2. I have a webviewer that is loading a PDF from a container field. I'm doing this by using the following calculation in the webviewer: "data:application/pdf;base64," & Base64Encode ( iostest::PDF_Current ) The PDF loads fine however on iOS it does not fill the screen (oddly enough on macos, it DOES fill the screen). Auto resizing on the webviewer is set to expand on all sides. The webviewer is the same size as the layout area as well. I tried to use an iframe with the method below however it still doesn't expand: "data:text/html,<!doctype><html> <body> <iframe src='data:application/pdf;base64," & Base64Encode ( iostest::PDF_Current ) & "' style='width:100%;height:100%;'></iframe> </body> </html> What can I do to get the PDF to be full screen on iOS in a webviewer? See attached image for reference.
  3. I'm building a solution that uses webdirect on mobile devices (iphones and android phones). I'd like to be able to capture GPS Longitude and Latitude information. I know the user will need to authorize this. A native FM function won't work I assume. Can I use google's geocoding API? If so, can someone explain how I would integrate it?
  4. Hi have a PDF that I annotated on my iPad. I upload this pdf to a container field in FM Go. If I go to my desktop FM Pro, I can see the annotations just fine in the container preview however on FM Go, the annotations do not display in the preview. If I export the pdf from the the container, the annotations are indeed there. What can I do to get the annotations to show in the container preview in FM Go (as they do on FM Pro on the desktop).
  5. I'm on iOS. I'm using iOS shortcuts and FM Go. In FM Go, I send a container's PDF to iOS shortcuts via a x-callback-url with an "input" of the Base64Encode PDF. I annotate the PDF in iOS Shortcuts. I then send the annotated PDF back to FM Go to insert it back into the container...however there seems to be some characters in the Base64encode fmp url parameter that can't be passed in the URL coming back. Is there something I can do to further encode this Base64 script parameter (that is the annotated PDF) so that it will pass back to FM Go via the URL.
  6. Can anyone point me to resources or methods for annotating PDFs in FileMaker go on the iPad? Go Draw does not support PDFs. I’d like to draw on a pdf and then save it in a container. I assume I have to do this outside fm go and then bring it back into the container. What technique requires the fewest steps?
  7. I found the answer. For anyone else, apparently this is an FM installer issue currently: https://community.claris.com/en/s/question/0D50H00007zAbahSAC/fms-setup-does-not-work-on-1th-june-2020-but-after-changing-date-to-2019
  8. Hi, I ran the Filemaker Server 19 installer, import my license certificate during installation and it completes the installation process. After installation, I go to the admin console and I am unable to open any of the databases. I can upload databases just fine. I noticed in the administration > Filemaker Licenses area that my license type still says "trial". I tried to upload my license certificate again and it won't take it. I uninstalled 19 and went back to 18 and it is giving me the same problem in 18 with my 18 license. Server 19 installation on my test server works fine. I installed FMS19 there a week or so ago. macos catalina Any idea what my issue is now on this new machine? I can't open any files on the server.
  9. My issue is that I'm already on Catalina and the FMS15 uninstaller app doesn't work on Catalina. Should I just delete the /Library/FileMaker Server folder?
  10. I have a macmini running Catalina. I'm trying to uninstall Filemaker Server 15 so that I can install Filemaker Server 18. However the 15 uninstaller does not work on Catalina. Is there another way to uninstall FMS 15?
  11. Ocean West, so with SparkPost... I could still send using insert from URL in FM? I just need to setup an account at SparkPost and use there SMTP server/credentials? Email will still appear to come from my email address?
  12. Thanks Wim, I'm using smtp.gmail.com. I've edited my dns records and added an SPF txt record as well as a DMARC record so I seem to be 'passing' the spam tests I've been doing. Is there another smtp server I can easily send mail from instead of smtp.gmail.com? While still using this insert from url sending method?
  13. I have started sending emails using the INSERT FROM URL method shown by soliant here: https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/html-email-filemaker/ Emails are being sent out but many recipients seem to be getting my emails sent to their spam folders. I'm curious if this has anything to do with this method of sending emails.
  14. Thank you so much for the response. Let me explain my ultimate goal. I want to send an email from the server that has a button to download a calendar .ics file. This is an html email I'm sending which is working fine. My initial thought was to use the data:text link above however it seems that mail clients do not like that link format. Any mail/browser client I use doesn't want to open the link even though if you paste it in a browser it works fine. My alternative route was to put a .ics file into a container and add it to the html email I'm sending as an attachment. This would be done on the server. I'd love to be able to use the 1st method as it doesn't require an attachment. But I'm fine with either method.
  15. I'm trying to have FM18 server generate a .ics calendar file from a calculated field. I have a calculated field that has the url formatted: If I were to type that into a browser it will download a .ics calendar file just fine. However if I use 'insert from url' to insert the .ics file into a container. It doesn't seem to work. Can you think of another method for FM18 server to generate a .ics file? I'm hosted on a remote server where plugins really aren't an option.
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