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  1. By the way - the layouts work fine on Chrome for iPad. But that would be another program to install.
  2. Hi everyone, we are using web direct on Safari on an Ipad iOS 14, FilemakerServer 19. When we try to put data into a data field, the user needs to click once to select the field, and once again to see the keyboard. This is super annoying. I tried several approaches to select field, select object but it does not work. I know that there is FIlemaker Go but we have to give iPads to people in a remote place and they wont have the chance to install it. Is there a way around anyone would know? Thank you!
  3. Thank you so much for the feedback. In attach an example. The idea would be to put blocks of text into the // dividers. Then the block of text is removed. This used to work great before... Thank you. SubstituteValues.fmp12
  4. For some time I have been cleaning emails for filing in our filemaker database. For this, the users have added to a substitute field all text that they wanted removed from and email, separated by "//". Then I used @comment custom function https://www.briandunning.com/cf/851 to remove the text blocks from the email text. Somehow this stopped working in fm 18. I tried to find out where it errors but to no avail. I was also thinking about putting each block of text into individual records and then creating an array from this or loop through the email using while but I am a little lost on how to do this. Would anyone be able to help please?
  5. Hi everyone, I am trying to run a server sided script that will import a found set. The server sided script opens a handler file that opens data file 1, does the find, imports into data file 2. However, the search works in script debugger but imports all records. The script opens layout A, searches goes to layout b, imports. Also the import of the selected fields seems not be remembered. I am stuck..... Thank you
  6. Hi Rwoods, thank you for taking the time to reply on this. Yes, I have been trying to get this to work for several hours. I am creating the global variables first in my starter file. Now here comes the problem. I am trying to set the datasources for the interface file that is opened via the starter file. For this I need to somehow pass the variables for the data sources over to that file. For this I tried: - calling a script from the interface file to create those variables. This opens the file hidden (and that happens before the parameters can be passed. hence, the global variables dont work. - open the file (and then passing the parameters) also does not work. Maybe you have a way to archieve this? Thank you.
  7. My issue here is this: I use the data separation model. I am opening a starter file and am creating the global variables for all my files here. Works fine. Now I want to pass the other file locations to all my files in a global variable so that in the external file references it reads file:$$locationofthatfile/file. My way of doing this would be to call a script from say datafile a from within my starter file (passing the global variables as a script parameter (in my case with assign). My problem is that calling the script, before it executes will open the file (hidden), all the $$locationofthatfile variables will fail and filemaker will lock in these "erreneous" paths. Then, even when the script runs, the newly created global variables will not work. How would I best be able to resolve this. Thank you so much.
  8. Hi everyone, I am loading lat and lng coordinates from logged from Filemaker Go into our Filemaker that we use on the Mac into the webviewer displayed in a popup card window. Unfortunately, only part of the map is shown on the webviewer. I seem to be missing something. Played around with the different refresh and pause settings but nothing works. However, if I load the viewer into its card window 3 times, it shows correctly. In attach my code and how it renders - would anyone know what the issue is? It renders fine in filemaker go.... Thank you
  9. Hi everyone, had this on the filemaker go section but moving this here, I guess that's where it rather belongs. i am building a simple time logging app for our staff using the data separation model. The interface file opens two other files, one with the time data the other one with the user information- all from our filemaker server 17. While the interface file saves the user information to filemaker go and authenticates the user with face id when the user returns to the app, the two other data files pop up with "please authenticate" with username and password. In the keychain they also dont appear. I was thinking about setting the fmauthenticate priviledge for these files or manually opening the linked files for each user and saving the credentials but both seems wrong. All passwords and user names for one user are the same by the way. Seems like I am missing a thought here why one password and username (for the interface file) is not enough .( Checking this with other users that are just logging I found out that with them its a different file that requires authentication and which password is not saved. Also upon opening it requires me to put in the password for the individual files. I think I am missing something here. Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. Hi everyone, on a file accessed via filemaker Go 17, I am using a scripted navigation to move records up and down in a portal that is inside a popover. This has worked in filemaker 12 like a charm and also works on a filemaker client. The records smoothly move up and down the list. However in Filemaker Go, the portal follows every move of the script as if it is not aware of the freeze portal. EG the down button is to move the record one record further down inside the filtered and sorted portal (like so) This is the script. - freeze window and go to portal - go to first line of portal and loop through the portal until I hit the record to move - go to next line and give the position field the value of my record to be moved - go to line above and give the position field the value of my record +1 - commit record and refresh portal via an x join - go to last line of the portal - go to the line of position of my record to be moved. Would anyone be aware of this issue or know a workaround to stop the portal from flickering? Thanks so much
  11. Yes, that makes total sense. So storing should not be an issue, the collaboration is what does not work. So users outside of filemaker could have read only access to the files, e.g. the tax accountant could have read access to the documents that are stored via filemaker. A project manager on the go without filemaker access could do the same, just the editing bit does not work then. Not bad so far...
  12. In the past, we have been using filemaker to take care of everything business related. Due to many people now working connected while on the move and the mix between clients and team collaborating on files, there are more and more times where people work on say e.g. an Excel file together while on the move. The mac server that hosts filemaker server could have the dropbox app installed and be logged in and a specific folder on the dropbox share of that server could have the permission for fmserver to read and write. What would be the drawbacks besides the time to synch once something is posted to use a folder on dropbox to host external container data? Would this not open the option for everyone that has access to those files to amend even without filemaker when on the move? Those files could also be made available for someone like a tax consultant as read only via a link? Filemaker would then do the role of the DMS? Before we have used Supercontainer but with files outside of FM, people would need to download / checkout then re upload. This would get rid of the problem. In case of an error, that file could be restored from the dropbox logic. Any thoughts / ideas on this? Thank you.
  13. Ouch FItch, that is a little embarrassing that I never came upon this. Its probably when you are so locked on developing stuff for a single company only that you forget about the big picture. Well, thanks.
  14. Hi everyone, Not sure if this is even the right subcategory, feel free to hint. For several years, I continued to enhance our company database as we grow and collect data, invoices, articles, clients, companies. Now we opened a second company that I would like to integrate into the existing one. We want to share our contacts, companies and articles but not our invoices, bills and several other things. The database is build on the anchor buoy model, some selector connector methodology as well. Each user has a company code in his profile. In my ideal world depending on the user, his database connections would look at his own "invoices" or "bills" records file. But that of course is not possible, right? Is there a way to archieve this at all or am I stuck to record with a company code "flag" field? Thanks for your thoughts
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