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  1. I can not guarantee either. To maybe better phrase my question... Because I do not know that the fields will be filled or not contain carriage returns, is the solution I found above the simplest(or best) or would there be a better(simpler) way to handle this. From what I gather the solution I found above will work but it might be overly complex? Again I cannot rely on the data being filled in (though it should be) nor can I guarantee the data does not contain carriage returns, that is unless I run each field through some other functions to account for them. Knowing this, what do you su
  2. Office people want it to be duplicated. I currently have it related. Short answer is they want it that way. They pay my salary Does the script that I posted in my second post above suffice or would you recommend something different? I can add a table occurrence. I assume permissions still managed in the other file?
  3. Still need help. I can only pass one variable between files. I knew that was going to come up. Any ideas? Also sorry for having a conversation with myself here!
  4. If i understand the following correctly this is what I am looking for. This looks like a solution that is similar to my comment above "If it were not terrible difficult to do I would almost like to capture all the records data in the PlateMaterial side and save them as a C struct so to say." Can any one confirm that I am on the right track. I think this is what I am looking for. If I do not hear back from anyone I will test it with display dialogs rather than writing to the new records. I will follow up if this worked for me. http://www.filemakertoday.com/com/showthread.php
  5. I am looking for the cleanest way to duplicate a given number of sub records from one table records from table into a different table. As an overview Order table is related to PlateMaterial table and PO table. The PO table is in a different file. The PO table has related records in a table called lineItems. I am being asked to script automatic POs that are populated from the records in PlateMaterial. They should function as a look up and duplicate the data. So from the perspective of Order. User presses a button and all related PlateMaterial records are used to create line ite
  6. I have seen some videos around that show FMP having the ability to drag and drop items in a list or probably rather a portal. I have heard it can be done without any extra table occurrence and with just a single script. However I can't find the scripts anywhere. Is this just someone trying to get me to buy into a subscription?!?!?! Here is one video I found, the video just says I need to buy a subscription under the video is a link to the sample video not full instructions. Is this legit? Do I need to buy the video or is there a tutorial someone can point me to? http://www.filemakermag
  7. I am transforming our solution to include tracking of time and materials and a communication log. I have these tables created. I need however to allow my standard users (rather then managers) to be able to enter(create a record) in the time and materials table but not be able to modify them after they have been entered. The same with the communication log. We do want standard users deleting or modifying data at a later point in time. I am thinking to use script triggers on a layout to restrict modification. Maybe if the field has a value, revert the field. Unless there is a better way, may
  8. Is there anything special needed to delete a portal row via IWP? Putting a button in the portal row with the delete portal row script step works via the client but not in IWP. I also tried capturing the portal row index number and telling the portal to delete a specific row number. Both work in the FMP client but not IWP. Any Ideas? Thanks, Greg.
  9. I am looking to implement a a flag that would indicate if any records meet a particular criteria. In the header of a layout I would text to show up red if any record in the table has field1 with a value of "myValue" The idea is that any record that was created by a particular user will be scripted to set field1 with the value of "myValue". I want a flag to show up for a higher level operator to review that record. // Just to express clearly I do not want the flag to only show up on a record that said user has created, but rather a flag to show up on every record to indicate
  10. I think I found the issue. The same field is on the layout more than once. It looks like only the field that was placed on the page last works. I tested this by duplicating a field that worked. It then stops working and the newer field works. Then I repeat the same thing duplicating the newer field that is working. It stops working and then newest one works. Is this a known issue and is there a solution other then only having the field once on the layout?
  11. Some fields on a layout in iwp will not save the information, other fields work. They are all enabled to be editable in browse mode. I have a button with a commit record/request script step tied to it. Permissions schema is to allow view and modify on all tables, view layout is enabled for the layout I am working with and modify records is enabled for the layout I am working with. All fields let me type data into them or modify the data in them but when I hit the commit records/request button I created some of them do not update. The fields that do not work are both from the same table
  12. The value is not entered by the user but entered automatically by a script. I copied the field options. You can see field options below. 1. field options 2. Auto Enter Options 3. Validation Options
  13. I have not fully traced out what the original developer has going on. The auto enter is not done in the field definition. This is preformed by a script. It puts build the current two digit year, two digit month, two digit day, and two digit job of the day beginning with 01(job of the day). It is a text field The validation is just not allowing users to modify on entry.
  14. I have a field with unique values which are our job numbers. When I search for a value 12101206 in a field called jobNumber, my result brings up 12081707 and 12101206 in my found set. If I do a search for 12081707 is says no records found. The field options are as follows... Indexed, Auto-enter Data, Can't Modified Auto, Always Validate I don't even know what I should ask here. When I perform the search it is bringing up a record with a different value then what I searched for. Any ideas?
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