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  1. Hello, I want to use the last record of my portal tool in another layout. I have totally 10 fields in my portal tool. I just want to get the last record of my "note1" field to another layout and show there. Thanks in advance,
  2. Random choice is ok for me. At least there will be a choice of eligible refrees, so I can decide one of those. Is there any data or list that I can provide to help you?
  3. The list of refrees eligible for a match is not exactly what I want, but can be useful for my purposes. Actually there are 40 refrees and 80 assistant refrees in the premier league. So this number of canditates are enough. I want to have the appopriate refree appointment after I upload the list of matches every week. So this means every week 9*4=36 refrees (9 refrees, 9 fourth refrees, 18 assistans refrees) will be appointed. Is what I want to do is possible? Thank you very much.
  4. Dear all, I have a list of refrees in premier league which consists 40 entries. There are 9 matches each week in the league. For every match must one refree, one fourth refree and two assistant refrees be appointed. All I want to do is an automatic appointment of the most appopriate refree by File Maker. The criterias are as follows: -When one refree is appointed for a match, next two weeks he cannot be appointed for either of the teams. -He must get at least 8 points by an observer, otherwise he cannot be appointed for a match for one month. -There is an exception list of refrees. T
  5. so from your posts I realize that exact group/ungroup property can not be used in Fileamaker :(
  6. I want exact property of Exel's grouping / ungrouping for File Maker. Plase see the attachment. screen shots 2.zip
  7. Hi, I want to create grouping for my six portal tools. (like in Excel - The list will have a gruouping / ungrouping button) As I can choose number of items to be grouped, I want to select these portal tools Please find screenshot of my list attached. Thank you. screen shot.zip
  8. The attached example is what I wanted to do. Can you please explain how to do it if it is not so complex. Thank you very much in advance.
  9. ok. As I understood from your reply that I don't have a choice other than table view or list view. Am I right?
  10. Thank you for the help. I did what you wrote in the first post and solved the problem by choosing the script to open by entering in file options. You said "It is "possible" - but a custom dialog is not suitable for showing lists or tabular data." What is suitable then for showing lists or tabular data for my case? How will I manage to show the names and the birth dates on a message box?
  11. Thank you very much for your script idea. It worked properly. When I see the list / table view, I can see the people with birth dates. There is no problem with that. Is it possible that to see the names of these people in another method like showing them in Show Custom Dialog by calculation? I also wonder isn't it possible to have this script work by starting File Maker? Now I have to start the script by choosing it from the script list. I want to have this automatically worked when I start to use File Maker. Thanks again.
  12. Thank you for your help. It worked, but when there is no match for any record, I want to have a dialog like "No record has been found" in the message box. Like in Show Custom Dialog, I want to see this script just once when I start File Maker. When I click OK or exit, it won't appear again until next start of File Maker. How can I do that? P.S. I also want to see the people's names and their birth dates in the message box like Show Custom Dialog.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Non-work day will be skipped. It is not important. ı tried 10/*/** (Finds all October birthdates) it works but I want to have the people's names and their birth dates shown automatically when I start to use the File maker pro 11. ı think ı need a script that will run automatically but I don't know how to write a script. Thanks.
  14. Hi. I'm using File Maker 11 pro. I have a database with 2000 entries of names and I have their birth dates in my table. I want to have the people's names and their birth dates shown automatically on the current date when I start to use the File maker pro 11. How can I do that? e.g. Mary Jason -- 20 September 2011, Micheal Mark -- 19 September 2011. Today's 20 September 2011. When I start the program, I want to see Mary Jason's name and her birthdate automatically. Also the list needs to have the topic "Born on today". Thanks in advance for the reply.
  15. it did not work. Because when I use your formula Count ( Table 2::Category ) > 1 my match field which has 100.000 records all has gone red. But all I want to do is conditional formatting incase of realization of two criteria at the same time. These are same referee (in my database I have more than 2000 referees) same matches in different seasons.. Please refer to the attachment. Thanks. p.s If you want I can send my filemaker file. Teams.zip
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