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  1. Great. Given the page we are working on (Zillow), what is the step to search the HTML for the specific data? (or any data) Is it simply a script action found in the list? I see <th scope="row">Sqft:</th><td>50</td> in the HTML. Seems like there should be an algorithm to pull the number from a page if they all follow this format.
  2. I know my eyes have a way of going to a page, reading it and finding the info I want. But, does FMPro have that capability for any given page? (We can talk about permission later)
  3. A simple "Open URL" script call with the URL specified as "http://www.zillow.com/homes/" & Substitute( Homes::AddressStreet ; [ " " ; "-" ] ) & "-" & Substitute( Homes::AddressCity ; [ " " ; "-" ] ) & "-" & Homes::AddressState & "_rb/" did the trick. Now, what is the easy way to scrub that page for the square feet again? I've never used an API.
  4. The google one is built in and works well. I run a script and I get to maps.google.com with the address of the current record. Now, I need some help getting to zillow with the same address. Fields are individual for street, city, state 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA comes out like this in the URL http://www.zillow.com/homes/1600-Amphitheatre-Parkway-Mountain-View-CA_rb/ ( I actually prefer not to enter the zip as this is a good zip lookup script if needed) ***************************** The next question is a way to get the squ
  5. I downloaded your link, and was so excited to play with it, that I didn't see your next sentence telling me what I needed. Thanks for repeating this. Man, this has made for a long, frustrating day. I really appreciate the help.
  6. I added a record directly to the Join table and it shows up in the right place and all fields appear (and are clickable/editable). The sticking point is actually being able to click in a non-existing row of the portal and have it create a new record. Am I supposed to be using a script? I have a portal of jobs on the house layout and that just makes a new record whenever I click in the first empty row.
  7. I'm doing everything I can to match each section with the JoinDemo.fp7 file linked to. I can't see where I am different and am still unable to even click in any field in the portal.
  8. The only fields in the join table are the keys to show the relationships and the "role" for that job. The portal is definitely based on the join table. I put fields in that portal (well within the lines) from any table, including join (only the three fields mentioned above) and the employee table, and NONE of them will let me even click in them, much less edit data.
  9. Thanks. I updated the table name to use Join rather than Bridge. I created a layout based on Jobs table to simplify. (my main data page is based on customers and includes the ability to add a home and a job, so I'll incorporate my solution on that layout eventually) I added portal based on the "join" table. I added fields into that portal based on the "employee" table. I STILL am not able to even click inside the field to enter data. I made sure I had checked editable within browse mode.
  10. Just when I think I am getting it, I try something new and feel like an amateur all over again. I was doing fine with One Customer to Many Homes One Home to Many Jobs Now I want to get Many Employees to Many Jobs so I have Many Employees to One Bridge Many Jobs to One Bridge (the same table) Take a look at my relationship diagram to make sure I did it right. But, now, How do I enter employees for a job? I have a table of jobs and added a field for name of employee, and tried various iterations of value lists based on existing employees, but I can't
  11. You, sir, are a genius. I am going to double your pay rate here. :)
  12. Trying to make sure to put my questions in the right section. Sorry if I guessed wrong. I fixed one problem by changing a layout to be based on a 'Jobs' table, to have it display correctly. Now, each line in that table (representing a unique record) has a button that I'd like to use to go to a detailed layout of the individual record from the 'Customer' table. So, I guess I need to get the customer_ID value from the line item of the job displayed and when I switch over to the detailed Customer view use that value to see that specific customer. If both layouts are associated with
  13. The one for pending is more of a list format just giving a hint of what is coming up (typically 20 +jobs) and a way to see them all at a glance. While the one for "today" is much more detailed with all the notes, directions, times, employees and such needed so a manager has one sheet showing him what is needed for that particular day. As to your statement about needing a portal to show related jobs, that isn't consistent with my experience. I based it on Customers and pulled up all the jobs that I was looking for, searching for their dates. Flipping the "associated" table didn't aff
  14. Not sure how to explain it better. In one layout (based on Jobs) I pull up a list of jobs for today, and I'd like a total for the day (from the Jobs::Price field) In another layout (based on Customers) I pull up a list of jobs in the future and I'd also like a total of jobs booked from the same Price field. Trouble was, if I wanted the summary of the Jobs::Price field to be accurate, I needed to make sure they layouts were "associated" with the Jobs table, even though they look identical and feature fields from both tables. Switching the associated table to "Jobs" for both ma
  15. Can I just recreate that same layout, but choose the other table as the base, while just putting the exact same fields in? ETA: I just pulled up the Manage Layouts and changed the "associated table" of the offending layout to the Jobs table and now the Summary field works like a champ. Interesting.
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