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  1. Thank you, this eliminates the Export steps and allows me to Copy/Paste directly into a BCC section of an outgoing e-mail. Joe
  2. Hi, Back from vacation and trying your suggestion as it seems the cleanest, easiest way to do this. I created a new Layout with just the e-mail addresses. Can not find the "Copy All Records" command you mention? It's not under the Records pulldown. When I go to Edit, the Select All command is grayed out. I selected Copy, then Paste on my email program and it Pasted only one of the 90 emails in the field. I solved it but would hope there is an easier way, less clicks? I went to Export Records, exported them to the Desktop. Interestingly enough, when I clicked on the sav
  3. Yes, I can send e-mail manually throughout AOL. When I refer to E Mail Client, I mean one of the rwo choices offered to me when setting up a Mail Script on FM, the other being SMTP. I don't have to specify an E Mail Client when I send a regular e-mail. As for AppleWorks, Bento, FM: Bento lacks a simple command to output a report in page fashion, in columns, without grid lines. I went to the Apple Store and it took the guy about 20 minutes to figure out a workaround. Even he admitted it was clumsy. Everyone I spoke to mentioned that Filemaker was the next coming and the obvious r
  4. OK, Tried to send the email to about 70 addresses, tried various ways. Had to Copy and Paste the Word.doc file, it wouldn't allow me to click and import to Message. Tried the E Mail Client just for the heck of it-----no go Tried setting the SMTP server. I had already searched my ISP for a SMTP address and got different instructions completely than the link you guys provided. Tried the results from the Google search------no go Tried the link you suggested to set the SMTP and noticed when I clicked "Specify", a different port # than what my ISP suggested was already there. T
  5. Would a gmail account make more sense than AOL or be more compatible? I'm on the road right now but will try to send a bulk email this weekend. I will let you guys know how it works out.
  6. Hi, Perhaps I haven't fully explained what task I need to complete. I will send the exact same email to 50-125 businesses, all located in one city. This announcement doesn't require personalization or salutation other than what is already in the letter. I need to send this out with a minimum of fuss and clicks. When someone mentioned I could send individual emails off of a Mail Script, I thought that meant once I loaded or imported the 100 email addresses, it sends them out in an individual fashion, so as to not get caught by spam filters. That would be great and the best of both wor
  7. Ok I use Roadrunner through Insight cable. Is this it? SMTP-server.columbus.rr.com? My other question: Does using this email Script and SMTP address send the emails individually rather than in a bundle? If so, there appears to be a clear benefit. If not, doesn't creating a new layout with one field, copying it into any email program, and sending it that way seem to be easier and yields the same results?
  8. My Internet connection is cable, through Insight. As I mentioned, I have a gmail account if that is helpful? What email programs are supported by FM Pro for Mac?
  9. Ah, So there is a benefit? I generally have 50-125 clients per city that I send emails to. I send them about 4-5 emails over a 90 day time period. Am I understanding you correctly that by going through the Mail Script you were kind enough to point out to me, they will go out INDIVIDUALLY to all of the email addresses I load at one time, thereby having a lesser chance of being caught in Spam filters? The thought of an additional layout with just the one field had occured to me, however I still didn't know how to get that one field into an email. I do now, thanks Unbeli
  10. Will do. Thanks so much. I'm still surprised that Apple choose to drop Appleworks, make it so much less capable in Numbers, Pages, etc. and essentially force people into buying FileMaker or Bento. The Geniuses at the store in Columbus, OH. aren't quite sure why this happened either. Seems very Microsoftian to me. This was so much easier in Appleworks. Select--Copy--Paste--Done. Waaa. Joe
  11. Wow, I am really a starter here, just started barely using FM 2 weeks ago. What is a Script? I see a pulldown tab and it says Manage Scripts. Show All shows no Scripts. Am I that hopeless? Joe
  12. Hi, Brand new FM user. I have converted 15 years of Appleworks files to FM and am managing them. I have tasks I would do in Appleworks that were easy and I need to figure them out now. One of my data fields from a specific database--or city where we sell advertising--is a field that contains the clients email addrersses. I used to be able to click at the top of the field in Appleworks which would select that field. I could copy and paste into an email BCC field. Now when I try to select the one field it sorts the entire database by that field. I click again and return it to the
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