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  1. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, this is not the issue. I don't know why it showed double IP addresses, but I checked it later and it only showed one. Same problem. I do not have multiple network cards, only one.
  2. When I try to connect to my file, it says "The file could not be opened; the host's capacity has been exceeded. Try again later." Problem is, I am the only user trying to connect. You can see from the screenshot that there are no users connected, so I shouldn't be reaching my capacity for connections. I downloaded a trial version of FMP14 and no matter what, I cannot connect with FMGO. I have tried inside of my LAN, through a VPN connection on my phone, and with port forwarding and public IP address over port 5003. I'm very frustrated. Sharing files on FMP12 Advanced just "worked" for m
  3. Just one computer was used. Could this be the issue? One single IP address being viewed as one user, despite different logins? The main question I want answered is, what will my user see if they try to log in and there are too many users online at one time? Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. I screen shared into my home computer this morning after signing in with multiple web accounts from work. This is the message I get. I'm not overly concerned about a 5 user limit (it kinda sucks, but no big deal.) My concern is that I seem to be able to eclipse this documented limit, and is it going to adversely affect my solution? In other words, if I can actively have more than 5 users on at a time, is it going to prevent some users from committing records? Confused...
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Forgive me for being dense, but I guess I'm still missing it. I don't have Filemaker Server Advanced. I only have Filemaker Pro Advanced, which from everything I've read, is supposed to only have 5 concurrent users. When I say "server", I mean the local machine on which the database solution is being hosted. I am not hosting the solution on a third party site, just from my own home on my desktop computer. I was able to login remotely, using the IWP web interface, from many different user accounts that I set up under the sharing prefs for the database. I purpo
  6. I keep reading over and over that my IWP solution through FMPro 11 will only support five concurrent users. I wanted to see what would happen if a sixth user tries to log in. I set up 10 users with full access privileges, each with their own username and password. I logged into 7 of the accounts simultaneously with no problem. I even went to the server and tried to close the database to confirm that there were 7 concurrent connections. Sure enough, it showed me all 7 users logged in and the "ask to quit" dialog option. What am I missing? What constitutes a "connection" in IWP and will h
  7. Uh oh. Another issue I've found. Using the sub-summary method you mentioned with a total score summary field, each new "weekly total" seems to be adding to all users. In other words, if user A has a total score of 50 and user B has a total score of 30, this is what happens upon user B scoring 15 more points: user A: 65 user B: 45 Obviously, user A's score should remain the same and user B should increase by 15. Any ideas what I've done wrong? ***Sorry! I realized that when I switched the sort field to the auto enter field as mentioned above, my summary "total score
  8. Thank you very much. I think I got the subsummary method working. Is there any reason why one method would be preferable to the other? As I said, I don't have a very strong grasp of relating multiple tables to one another, so if it's all the same, the sub summary report might work well for my needs. One peculiarity-I had tried the sub summary report once before, set to sort against a field called "accountname" that I had set as a calculation = get(userName). I noticed that sorting against this field did not alphabetize the names. When I created a second field, auto-enter by creator's acc
  9. Hello everyone. I'm looking for a specific solution to a problem, and I have not been able to find it explained clearly (at least not clearly enough for my understanding ). I'm not sure if this is a portal type solution, because, to be quite honest, I don't fully understand portals. If anyone could help me with some step by steps on how to accomplish this, it would be greatly appreciated. Okay-so I have a file with only one table. It is basically a week by week survey. Each week the questions change based on some date rules and global fields. I have about 50 different users that lo
  10. Hi guys. I am very much a Filemaker novice, but I've been very intrigued by the IWP for a particular project I'm working on. I've been toying just with one of the template solutions as a test run. I am having trouble because when I try to insert the IWP into an Iframe inside of a Rapidweaver site, I am unable to use it properly. I tried to add a button with a script attached that exits the application upon the user completing his or her work. If I access the db directly from the browser using the IP address, the button works, if I try to access it through the iframe on my site it does not
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