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  1. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, this is not the issue. I don't know why it showed double IP addresses, but I checked it later and it only showed one. Same problem. I do not have multiple network cards, only one.
  2. When I try to connect to my file, it says "The file could not be opened; the host's capacity has been exceeded. Try again later." Problem is, I am the only user trying to connect. You can see from the screenshot that there are no users connected, so I shouldn't be reaching my capacity for connections. I downloaded a trial version of FMP14 and no matter what, I cannot connect with FMGO. I have tried inside of my LAN, through a VPN connection on my phone, and with port forwarding and public IP address over port 5003. I'm very frustrated. Sharing files on FMP12 Advanced just "worked" for me. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Just one computer was used. Could this be the issue? One single IP address being viewed as one user, despite different logins? The main question I want answered is, what will my user see if they try to log in and there are too many users online at one time? Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. I screen shared into my home computer this morning after signing in with multiple web accounts from work. This is the message I get. I'm not overly concerned about a 5 user limit (it kinda sucks, but no big deal.) My concern is that I seem to be able to eclipse this documented limit, and is it going to adversely affect my solution? In other words, if I can actively have more than 5 users on at a time, is it going to prevent some users from committing records? Confused...
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Forgive me for being dense, but I guess I'm still missing it. I don't have Filemaker Server Advanced. I only have Filemaker Pro Advanced, which from everything I've read, is supposed to only have 5 concurrent users. When I say "server", I mean the local machine on which the database solution is being hosted. I am not hosting the solution on a third party site, just from my own home on my desktop computer. I was able to login remotely, using the IWP web interface, from many different user accounts that I set up under the sharing prefs for the database. I purposely did not log the sessions out to see how Filemaker would behave when someone tried to login above and beyond the 5 user limit. When I go to close the file itself on the home computer, it lists all of the users that are logged in via the fm/iwp protocol over the web. In this case, I was able to have seven users logged in simultaneously. I was expecting to see some sort of message that would not allow me to get beyond five concurrent sign ins. I'm going to be taking a solution live at the end of the month that will have about 70 users, and I wanted to make sure that these concurrence issues will not cause problems for my users. I just did not expect to be able to have more than 5 users simultaneously and wondered if anyone could explain why I seem to be able to.
  6. I keep reading over and over that my IWP solution through FMPro 11 will only support five concurrent users. I wanted to see what would happen if a sixth user tries to log in. I set up 10 users with full access privileges, each with their own username and password. I logged into 7 of the accounts simultaneously with no problem. I even went to the server and tried to close the database to confirm that there were 7 concurrent connections. Sure enough, it showed me all 7 users logged in and the "ask to quit" dialog option. What am I missing? What constitutes a "connection" in IWP and will having more than 5 connected cause any problems? Thanks very much for your experience.
  7. Uh oh. Another issue I've found. Using the sub-summary method you mentioned with a total score summary field, each new "weekly total" seems to be adding to all users. In other words, if user A has a total score of 50 and user B has a total score of 30, this is what happens upon user B scoring 15 more points: user A: 65 user B: 45 Obviously, user A's score should remain the same and user B should increase by 15. Any ideas what I've done wrong? ***Sorry! I realized that when I switched the sort field to the auto enter field as mentioned above, my summary "total scores" field was still referencing the get(userName) calc field. I edited the summary field and the totals are working as expected.
  8. Thank you very much. I think I got the subsummary method working. Is there any reason why one method would be preferable to the other? As I said, I don't have a very strong grasp of relating multiple tables to one another, so if it's all the same, the sub summary report might work well for my needs. One peculiarity-I had tried the sub summary report once before, set to sort against a field called "accountname" that I had set as a calculation = get(userName). I noticed that sorting against this field did not alphabetize the names. When I created a second field, auto-enter by creator's account name, I was finally able to generate a sub summary report as expected, with proper sorting of the users. Any ideas why the first field would not sort properly? Thank you so much for your help. You've really solved many hours of frustration.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm looking for a specific solution to a problem, and I have not been able to find it explained clearly (at least not clearly enough for my understanding ). I'm not sure if this is a portal type solution, because, to be quite honest, I don't fully understand portals. If anyone could help me with some step by steps on how to accomplish this, it would be greatly appreciated. Okay-so I have a file with only one table. It is basically a week by week survey. Each week the questions change based on some date rules and global fields. I have about 50 different users that login and answer the questions, and my database will span roughly fourteen weeks. Thus, there will be 50 users with 14 records each when all is said and done. Each record will produce a "weekly score" based on the user responses. I have scripts and layouts set up to report the weekly rankings based on high scores. What I cannot figure out is how to also keep running point totals for each unique user name that can be reported. In other words, each week, I would like to be able to generate a weekly "leader" report, and also an overall "leader" report. I really don't know where to start. I've looked into summary fields, etc. but can't figure out how to selectively sum the weekly point total field based on username. It is very important that I be able to display the usernames and total running scores in a table so that rankings can be visualized by the users. Any help would be very much appreciated. If you have a few minutes, please try to be as specific as possible; I've only been using Filemaker for a few months.
  10. Hi guys. I am very much a Filemaker novice, but I've been very intrigued by the IWP for a particular project I'm working on. I've been toying just with one of the template solutions as a test run. I am having trouble because when I try to insert the IWP into an Iframe inside of a Rapidweaver site, I am unable to use it properly. I tried to add a button with a script attached that exits the application upon the user completing his or her work. If I access the db directly from the browser using the IP address, the button works, if I try to access it through the iframe on my site it does not work. The mouseover cursor turns to the "hand" but clicking it does nothing. I can see from reading the posts that using IWP in conjunction with iframe is fairly common, but for some reason I cannot get it to behave as expected for me. I am on a Macbook pro with Safari as my browser. Please help, if you have the time. I don't mean to ask dumb questions, but I've spent several hours searching for this answer and I can't find any specific help on iframes and IWP. Thanks very much in advance.
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