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  1. Having the same issue but have not been able to resolve it. Did you ever solve this problem? any help is much appreciated. Have about 5 server side scripts that run overnight and since the upgrade they have not worked. Desperately need this to work again. Thanks,
  2. This usually happens when there are two or more of the same field in a layout. If you do, create new fields to replace the ones that duplicate.
  3. I'm trying to run this simple query but I get a timeout exception. jdbcPerformQuery("select attendance_codeid, to_char(att_date, 'dd/mm/yyyy') att_date, attendance.studentid, cc.course_number, section_number, cc.termid, yearid from attendance inner join cc on attendance.ccid=cc.id where termid>=2100 and(attendance_codeid=714 or attendance_codeid=707 or attendance_codeid=708 or attendance_codeid=710 or attendance_codeid=714 or attendance_codeid=717)";"timeout=10") The query works fine in SQL developer. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Thanks, that worked. I have another question. Can a port trigger more than 1 script parameter? I have several layouts in the database, each with multiple buttons that generate PDF's. Right now, the script that I have successfully generates the PDF and inserts it into a container. But thats only one of the many buttons I need. Can this be done? Thank you.
  5. Run into an issue while saving PDF's to containers. Here's what I'm trying to do: I have a layout called "Cover Page", uses ID as PK. I have a button called "Generate PDF" in this layout. The script that runs is: If[students::isIWP] Set Field[students::gAlert::RemoteScriptTrigger("ip address";port number;) This calls the "Generate PDF" script: Go to Related Record[show only related records; From Table: "CoverPage"; Using "PDF"] Set Variable[$fileName;Value: CoverPage::ID & ".PDF"] Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$fileName; Current record] Go
  6. Well, I have a script that goes to 15 different layouts and prints every one of them. Is there a way to print all of the layouts using a script without going layout by layout in IWP?
  7. This may sound silly but I'm quite confused... How do I make an IWP user select the printer they want and print from wherever they are without sending the request to the machine running the port? In other words, If I have a script that runs a Print setup command, the print command will show in the filemaker running the port, but not to the iwp user. Is it possible for the iwp user to select the printer and print from where they are? Sorry if I sound confusing. Thanks in advance.
  8. We got it to work. Does this mean that if we want all the users in the district to use the SC in IWP, they all need to have the plugin installed on their computers? or if we buy enterprise license, does that eliminate that need. Thanks
  9. I installed the companion plugin on the server and then enabled it. It is also enabled on my local machine. What I want is to access the super container example (hosted in the server) from my local machine. Do I need to modify the url specified in the supercontainer example?
  10. Yes, I did that as well - and it is enabled. But I still get the same error.
  11. I tried the following: Copied the Supercontainer folder to the server folder (D:/Filemaker/Filemaker Server) Got the message: "Can not find filemaker server web publishing engine..." I tried to install it manually. Got the installation path : (D:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpe-tomcat/bin/) Copied the Super container folder to the bin folder modified the tomcar conf file: Opened D:/Program File/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/ added the lines to the file /SuperContainer/*=cwpe /SuperContaine
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