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  1. Scrolling doesn't do well with containers on FMgo. Text works a little bit better with scrolling, so I would put the text back in the field. Or use a popover if the text is too big. Have it beside the text field. It would remove the need to scroll, which unless the whole layout is scrolling, may not be a great experience. (touch gestures are a bit more finicky than a mouse/trackpad) Just a thought
  2. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5560/~/opening-shared-databases-remotely-using-a-url Adding the account name and password to a URL can be a security risk since these credentials are stored in plain text for all to see. In addition, if the link is stored as an alias or a shortcut it can lead to unintentional access to your database if the workstation where the alias or shortcut resides is not protected.
  3. I have already posted here: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/170677 and have some thoughts in mind, but I will copy what I put in there, here. Avoid FMGo Connection Interrupted Server Timeout Disconnect In the attached links, it goes back to questions that I had that dealt with a file on an iOs device, making sure it stays live and up to date. So what I have done is worked on a local file that syncs to the one on the server. That seemingly works, however there is a problem that just recently came up when I was testing. When the local file tries to reach the file on the server, it doesn't always connect. In talking with others there is two consensus of what might be the cause: The Wireless access point is blocking access File security permissions are not working (File Access tab in Security) "Reset All" temporarily works (on the server file) Deauthorizing and Authorizing sometimes works (on the server file) Turning off the File Access requirement doesn't seem to help (on the server file) I do have File Access on the local file, but I haven't tried turning that off. Since I can't debug exactly what is going on, on the iPad this makes it harder. (I have put in some custom dialogs to see some things.) The local file with the syncing to the server file works on my desktop, but that is a wired connection. (I could try the same wireless connection.) It could be that I'm making a duplicate of the local file and putting that on the iPad, which makes the file not work. (I put on the duplicate file on the iPad newly each time for testing, because I need a file without certain info on it, which will be filled later [dealing with Get(PersistentID)].) Is there something I'm not thinking of? To my knowledge, it had been working until recently. I'll try a few more things, but hopefully get answers in the meantime. Thank you
  4. Hi Ryan, Being the the ScribeDocSubstitute works, I have not tried this. But I can look into it. Thanks!
  5. I was using Content Control fields in MS Word, which supposedly works with the function ScribeDocWriteValue. (It did not when I tried that function.) When removing the Content Control fields and replacing it with regular text the ScribeDocSubstitute function seems to work.
  6. Problem: When using the function ScribeDocSubstitute it does not replace the text. It instead replaces it to be blank. Versions: FM Server: Version 13 FM Pro: Version 14 Other info: I have developed in FM Version 13, which the function works in that version with an earlier version of Scribe. In testing in FM 14 with Scribe 2.15 the words end up blank. My OS is Mac OSX 10 (Yosemite), and the other person I am developing for has FM 14 on a Mac with Scribe 2.15. I have used Java 8 and then downgraded to Java 6, but there doesn't seem to be a difference.
  7. I know this is somewhat old, but in case some searches for it, there is one thing that I found. It didn't like the filename. The file I had, consisted of both ".", "/", and "("")" I think the () are ok, but I removed them anyways.
  8. I'm not sure if you have found an answer for this, but I thought I would try and reply anyways. How is it not working? Did you add that into your Insert PDF script step before your file path?
  9. Thank you, I couldn't find a general area to put this in, so I put it somewhere. Thank you for letting me know where it should go, but I don't know how to move this. And I believe you are are correct it doesn't crash the app, but it does close all windows. It happens almost every time when they do the Replace Field Contents on a repeating field. Do you know how to help diagnose or fix or something about this issue? Thank you!
  10. I have a customer that I am creating new DB for, but until then, they are using their old one. They have this problem with their old one that when they do a Replace Field Contents it gives the error: "Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will be closed." It only crashes when their one field is categorized by certain data. If that field has any other data beside that one criteria (and they do a find to get that into a found set), then when they do a Replace, it does not crash. The replace is not being done on the one field, it is being done on separate field(s), which are repeating field(s). It doesn't matter if the replace is being done in a large found set or only a couple records. They can manually type into the field without a problem. They only have one table. This layout does not use script triggers or hidden buttons. If I create a new layout, and try to do the find on that one field, and then the replace, it will crash. It won't crash other computers, but will crash individually on each, if performed on there. They have Windows and they are connected through a VPN. Both and the customer has posted on Forums. The one solutions was to take it off the server, do a recovery on the file, and then upload it again. That had worked, but only for a while. The answer I was given was that either some other user had been in there when the Replace-Field Contents had been occurring or there was validation. The fields don't have validation, and they have tried it with only one person in the system. Any help is appreciated, thanks! http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/d29b09a0c0
  11. I seem to be running into this problem, as well. (After having to figure out some other settings.) On another note, have you tried it locally on the iPad/iPhone. Currently, I am working with a hosted file, but I am going to look at a local file.
  12. I agree with iammontoya. Relationships should be one to many. Like you were asking, Replace your Associate_Companies (1-10) fields with a Join table back to a new TO of the Companies table. So in other words: Projects - Join_Table - Companies (call Associate_Companies)
  13. Also, without looking at your example, and just the thumbnail. ? - That usually indicates that the field is not wide enough to show what is in the field.
  14. Compress the file into a .zip before uploading it, and you won't get the error. Try making an EventTable2, and relate it to EventTable using the StartTime. Then used the Count (EventTable2). This may or may not work.
  15. Check this and see if that helps: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/f70946a9c9?commentId=192286#192286 This only applies to FM 12, though. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10084/~/miscellaneous-behavior-changes-in-filemaker-pro-12
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