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  1. You're right - won't go inline. After that, I'd probably construct a calculated field to display the data - the fun comes in getting everything to line up. Even using a tab marker, different fonts may produce different results.
  2. You can assign the export to the users Temp folder on their computer for attachment. Get (TemporaryPath)
  3. Or make ItemRef lookup the value from the subtable as an auto enter option, or simply show the now related firld from the subtable - Category::ItemRef
  4. 20 The relationship sets the initial number of records being dealt with
  5. Here's good, probably the best - but what's your actual issue? The items not showing in the portal?
  6. I think the Hide When... functions only became available in FM Pro 13 After that you get into different layouts for for showing/hiding (blecch!)
  7. A text block has a position on the screen - let's say your original2nd text block with the suffix was left 300px, top 10px, right 400px and bottom 25px. Any text within it will start at 300px from the left. The other left text block may have started at 10px and have about 240px of text. The second block will still start at 300px, leaving a large gap. It's more obvious over multiple records where the end of the first text block will change, but the second will always start at the same point...
  8. LOL Lee... I just pointed out that if both merge fields are in same text black, this works. The problem was that the second text black had a fixed left point, leading to the extra space (and in other longer names, would cause on overlap...)
  9. Actually it does - Windows 10 is not a supported OS It may work, it may not but FileMaker will not guarantee that it will.
  10. If you log in to the the database without credentials, then you are not as far as the database is concerned.... And it affects that field, and the record - as that field is set to validate, if it fails then no change will be made to the record.
  11. The field Assessors Comments has a validate by calculation on it - Get(UserName) = "fairburna" or Get(UserName) = "fusseyn" or Get(UserName) = "clare" If you're not one of them, you get the message above.
  12. System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced
  13. Use Not IsEmpty And make TOP_LocalCompany a text field with an auto-enter calc the same as the calc definition - I'm assuming the actual value doesn't really change very often
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