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  1. I have sent the IPs to support@fmforums.com but the website is still not visible. Can someone check once ?
  2. Hi all , This is a real problem that we cannot take advantage of FM forums website from India. We are not able to see any of the searched contents. Nor ,we are able to take part in any discussion on any topics.Please make this website ,available to India ,so that we can access it. Thanks Jibardhan Patel FM Certification (11,12,13)
  3. i donot have privilege of zipping the file. But the process still doesnot work
  4. Hi All Please help me out from this peculiar thing.... I am having a layout on table ,say, A ,. Let the layout name is "A-Layout" . This layout has calculation fields from table A. But the calculations definition are based on Table B and Table C The relationship are below. A-----------B----------------------C----------------D I am having another layout on table ,say, B ,. Let the layout name is "B-Layout" .
  5. how to speed up a report containing a lot of fields having unstored calculation fields and the calculations field contains definition of other calculation fields
  6. Is there a way of sending and receiving an sms through filemaker pro 11 advanced without the use of any plugins.. please help........
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