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  1. Hi there. Glad to get into FMEasyWeb and do some testing. Thanks Tim, for this contribution! Uploaded database and PHP files the servers (FMS and Webserver). However, I have renamed the including folder to 'FileMaker_PHP_Code'. Using link to web server as: http://<webserver_IP>/<path>/FileMaker_PHP_Code/index.php Question: In the settings.php file, what to enter at 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx' (see below) and what format? I tried the FMServer ip address, but it did not work as expected. // --------------------------------------------------------------------------- // DATABASE-RE
  2. This works perfect. Thank you very much for your help!
  3. How would I extract text from this text block in a FileMaker field: Billing Information ---------------------- First Name : Jacky Last Name : Taylor Address : 178 Gazellenkamp City : Stellmar State/Province : MO1 Zip/Postal Code : 7783 Country : US Email :sample@mac.com As a result I would like to have the: First name in a separate field, Last name in a separate field, email in a separate field, etc I have trie with 'Position', 'MiddleWords' etc, but cannot get it working. Thanks for any help.
  4. Solved: Used SerialNumber instead of UUID. Other question: How and where to set the zoom for Google Map? Thanks
  5. FM EasyMaps (Beta1) works great on the demo file. However, after trying to integrate into my test solution, I get this error message in the web viewer: Error encountered when retrieving address information. The SQL used was: SELECT "Latitude", "Longitude", "Icon", "Info", "Address_Tooltip" FROM "TA_1010_Checklist_Jobs_MS" WHERE ( "Latitude" IS NOT NULL ) AND ( "Longitude" IS NOT NULL ) AND ( ( "T_001_JOBS::_MS_UUID_JOB" IN ( A83497B2-7B3A-413D-B10F-75293814F3BA, AD64ED2E-93A1-4404-B900-4D7BECF6CE84, 140CEEC1-EF74-4448-9446-3799E2807CAE, 5FB18315-8E23-4E6B-96BD-BD094A4CCB3D, 423052C2-F607-4
  6. Greetings I run into 'beachball mode' when using Java supported software such as 360Works SuperContainer or MirrorSync. Strange: on same MackBook, using a different Mac OS user account on the same machine, it does not replicate this Java bug or error (so I can work happily on other accounts...) Samples: 1) After opening the MirrorSync configuration panel nicely, it runs into 'beachball mode' after a couple of seconds and I have to force quit out of Java... 2) I have the same behaviour with SuperContainer bulk image upload, it runs into 'beachball mode' after uploading 2 or 3 f
  7. Problem solved: The problem was in the external data sources. Open that open (File -> Manage -> External Data Sources). Verify that the IP address and the filename point to the file on the server where the container data lives. The source of the problem was changing the FMP file name. Syncing containers works fine now.
  8. I am failing to sync container fields with MirrorSync FileMaker Server 12.6 Mac Ox 10.9.1 Mirror Sync2_0082 There is no error message when MirrorSync2 finishing the sync process with an iPad. "Sync Complete" Using the FileMaker Tasks sample, images entered on iPad do not show on networked file after syncing, same when images entered in the networked file do not who on the iPad. Container fields show: <Missing: photo001.jpg size450.300> FileName shows: remote: File Name I have tried several configurations of the container field settings. I tried (as per document
  9. I like to run SuperContainer on port 80. The Mac runs FileMaker 12 advanced and MountainLion. I am unable to get SC serving through port 80. Starting SuperContainerServer.jar brings error message: "Protocol handler initialization failed: java.net.BindException: Permission denied:80" I followed the instruction in the documentation. Did this change in Mountain Lion Apache2 httpd.conf ? Quote start: Now, add the following two lines to the httpd.conf file after the appropriate "DocumentRoot" as shown below: DocumentRoot "/Library/WebServer/Documents" ProxyPass "/
  10. Thanks for pointing me to GateKeeper. Some interesting reading here: http://www.tuaw.com/2012/07/26/mountain-lion-101-gatekeeper/
  11. I tried testing SC standalone server on Mountain Lion. Error message when attempting the start app: "... cannot open SuperContainerServer.jar, because the developer is unidentified..." Any help would be great.
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