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  1. I want the page numbers in my report to start at a specific value, as the report is going to be a section of a much larger PDF document involving other stuff not from FM. I've found a couple of old threads from several years ago, involving all sorts of fields and scripts, but I'm hoping things have improved since then. http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/32139-print-different-reports-with-sequential-numbering/ Thanks
  2. I've fixed it. Filemaker didn't like something about the A::Name field. I created it for this report, as a concatenation of other fields, using Substitute (List (Title; Subtitle); ¶; " ") But the calculation was being saved as a number, even though it appeared as text. Changing the result to text fixed it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  3. That was an example that I made up just for the purposes of explanation, but in fact you're on to something as the sort order is not alphabetical, or perhaps reversed. On top of that, what I'm getting at the moment is: Chromaticism: -----> Mozart Piano Concerto No 1 ------> --------> 1st movement, bar 53 ------> --------> 1st movement, bar 99 ------> --------> Opening section, bar 23 (i.e. no mention that this is Bach) But I will get a third composition in the same characteristic declare itself below that. The fourth is similarly absent. In the sc
  4. Perhaps I've misunderstood what Grandchild etc mean. Table A is musical compositions. Table B lists movements or sections within those works. Table C lists characteristics of each section in B, and the bar number where that characteristic occurs. The same characteristic can appear several times in one section. I then want to create a report that shows something like this: Chromaticism: (from C) -----> Mozart Piano Concerto No 1 (from A) ------> --------> 1st movement, bar 53 (from B ) ------> --------> 1st movement, bar 99 (from B ) -----> Bach Christm
  5. Err, if you think that's less confusing, ok! (Essentially A is Parent; B is Child; C is Grandchild.) I'm trying to get a report like this: Item from Value List in Grandchild ------> Record from Parent ------> ------> Multiple records from Child ------> Record from Parent ------> ------> Multiple records from Child Next Item from Value List Grandchild The closest result I'm getting at the moment gives me Child records from more than one Parent record mixed up together.
  6. I have a table A, which has multiple items for each record in a sub-table B, which itself has multiple items in each record for a sub-table C. The records in C are all from a Value List. I want to create a report that sorts by C first, then A, then B, like this: Item from Value List C ------> Record from A ------> ------> Multiple records from B ------> Record from A ------> ------> Multiple records from B Next Item from Value List C Now I've tried using the Wizard, but it doesn't completely work. I get items from B in one group that
  7. Thought you might say that. But as the hierarchy might include things like "4a, 4b", would that really make a difference? I'll try the calc field, thanks.
  8. I have text data which starts with a number, e.g. "1. Blah", "2. Blah", "3. Blah" .... etc. The data may also include "4a. Blah", "4b. Blah". The data is listed in a portal, and I want to sort the data by the leading number. Is there any easy way to do this, without 10 appearing between 1 and 2, but rather after 9....? I suppose I could put leading zeros, but I'd prefer not to. Thanks
  9. I've used Conditional Formatting to make the Button dark when the value is 1 and light when the value is 0. It's not an actual tick box, but it'll do.
  10. I like the sound of the second option. That seems to work: though I need some sort of indicator to show the two states on he button. I'll work on it. Thanks.
  11. I want to add a field to my layout that is a checkbox, which I can tick or un-tick to represent a simple Boolean Yes or No. Do I have to create a Value List of One Item? If I create a Value List of "Compiled?", then that is value that gets put into the field, rather than a 1 or 0 or Yes or No? Is there an easier way, or am I going to have to write a script to sort out this seemingly simple piece of interface? Many thanks
  12. Further to an earlier, somewhat lengthy thread: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/80142-create-auto-numbering-field/ Everything was working fantastically, until I foolishly re-sorted the database. Now I've got a problem. To recap: I have a "serial" number that is generated from each record's position when the fields are ordered in a particular way. (In other words, the serial number is constant for a given record, regardless of how the data are actually sorted.) This is done by first creating a field which joins together 3 fields, on which the order is based. Substitu
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