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  1. I have another question... What would the script look like if I only wanted to get the first 3 words in this sentence and paste into another field? 1995 Ford Escort Wagon. new transmission, tags, $900 obo. Call 209-922-0000, Groveland, CA
  2. We have an import of information that is fielded and manipulated with scripts to pull it all apart. One of the needs is that some of the records have pictures that go with the record and others do not. The end system only wants to see the url if there is a picture. If I use a common url with the picture id number at the end, it shows a broken file when no picture is available. So...I want to look in a file to see which pictures are there and then paste it into the record that matches. The Photo files can be placed anywhere, but I but I need to paste a url name into a field with the id numbe
  3. The photos are in a local folder currently but I could easily put them on the web site in a folder. The path does needs to be a web url. Currently I am importing photo information into another table and updating the records fine, but I can't seem to get it to path to point to a web url. It wants to put it in a file name path.
  4. I am working on another issue now but unsure how to make this happen. We create a path for each imported record like: http://www.adman.com/picture/344264.jpg and the last part is a picture id based on a unique value for each record. In this case 344264. Is it possible to have a script look at a folder that has picture in it with the picture ids and if the picture exists then it pastes the url in to the photo field. (http://www.adman.com/picture/344264.jpg). If it doesn't exist, it would paste another url? (http://www.adman.com/picture/picture_not_available.jpg) urls are phoney.
  5. Yes that would be a problem. However, I think it should look at the first delimiter only.
  6. I receive data from outside sources that are similar in content but each supplier uses different styles. Unfortunately they won't change. I am attempting to strip the first text prior to a comma, period or colon. So I need a script to look at each variable (comma, period or colon) and strip the first line of text prior to the delimiter and place in another field. Would I be writing something like this? How would I write the OR statement. Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Set Field [ Let ( [ti = AEFinder::Entire Import; Comma = "," ; pos = Position ( ti; Comma; 1; 1)]; Left
  7. Is it possible to add a variable to look at if the first delimiter is a comma, a colon, or a period? Let ( [ti = AEFinder::Entire Import; Comma = "," ; pos = Position ( ti; Comma; 1; 1)]; Left ( ti; pos-1))
  8. Yes, but wouldn't that require me to constantly update from year to year? Could it be done in validation? I could get it to keep from entering dates in past, but could it also be written to select Fridays only?
  9. I am attempting to limit selection of calendar days to only use "Friday" and only in the future and not in the past. Is it possible to do this with Filemaker's built-in calendar drop down using conditional formatting? If so, can someone help me with how the calculation might look? If not, can you share your thoughts? Thanks
  10. Yes I understand. Seems a little clunky to me too but it works. Just a couple follow up questions...Is there a way to include the dollar sign as part of Field Three? Is it possible that if it doesn't see a dollar sign it would return nothing? Thanks for your help.
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