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  1. Because of this issue, i have now learned about pickers and selector / connector. filemaker has grown so much. thanks Wim Decorte.
  2. Portal Filter calculation: IsEmpty ( GLOBALS::g_lookUp ) or FindWordPartsInText ( GLOBALS::g_lookUp ; Customers::FullName; 1) Issue is if i am creating a new record: the Customers information is not stored. Since Global searchfield is: a field in portal to trigger cf, then it does not find anything. see file attached: layout ( work order): Your Store.fmp12
  3. the calculation gives me NO RESULT on the layout i need it for.
  4. Hello Everyone; i am tyring to get a type ahead working on my system regarding point of sale. The only issue i see is taking teh user to another layout to use the following type ahead system: If ( start > WordCount ( haystack) ; 0 ; Let([ needle = LeftWords(needles; 1); word = MiddleWords(haystack; start;1) ]; Case ( Left ( word; Length(needle) ) = needle; If( WordCount(needles) < 2; 1; FindWordPartsInText(RightWords ( needles; WordCount(needles) -1); haystack ; 1) ); FindWordPartsInText(needles; haystack; start + 1) ) ) )
  5. I would agree with that FItch.. Too much Custom Functions make it hard to read / debug and well, UNDERSTAND what is going on besides the person who wrote it.
  6. Cartesian connection Shows all Records [X] from transactions to Model # It would help to see file though. eg; Model_ID [X] Model_ID (transactions table) would show all Model_ID's
  7. M. Edoshin responded via an email list; here is pdf in its glory! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9175169/Hierarchies%20in%20FileMaker.pdf
  8. " Wrote an whitepaper on how to implement hierarchical structures in FileMaker 8 or above. " Here's the PDF and a sample FileMaker file. Link:http://edoshin.typepad.com/bits_and_pieces/2008/07/hierarchies-in.html is dead and M. Edoshin has not responded to my email attempts. thanks; -i
  9. NO one chimed in : ( , but after some more working. Issue was using my global key as the value list Display data from: ( context ) the value list was getting "VALUES FROM" my Option TYpes::ID and OPtion Types::Name fields( Context ) i will figure this stuff out even if i go crazy trying to.
  10. Hello Everyone; I am trying to do a prototype db , but i tell you context is a tricky thing that i still have left to master. If you look @ my screenshot i am trying to use a global to "SHOW" the Option TYpes from OptionTypes_select, but don't know HOW to! I have tested using lookup filelds and that works, but i would love to know how /if i can show data from Option Types & Options across the graph using globals within my Orders Table. The reason is i am wanting users to select and add certain criteria within Orders and after they make the selection, and choose Submit, the order is added to Lines, ONLY after they choose valid items. thanks for any assistance. -ian
  11. Hello everyone; Looking for any help on this one; Having a bit of an issue with Connectiing Lines --> LineOptions-->Options ___Optionstypes. just wanted to know how to make this much more efficient jumping over to other layouts to create new records that relate accordingly or allow create wherever necessary. I am a bit hesitant for orphans so i need to figure out a delete tree as well Or perhaps just archive all my records in a utility table when necessary. Issue i have lies when on LinesOptions Table and user is adding option Types & Options eg. Product Type = Cake Option Type = Flavor Option = Pink Champagne. Now i need to create new LinesOptions record, which in turn sets lineOptions::optionsID to Lines::ID, then i need to go to layout Optiontypes; create a new record if it does not exist and set option:optionTYpeID to what OptionsTypes::id is. then go back to original layout to add another Product Option Type. I am collecing via globals from Orders Table. -any ideas or am i on the right track? thanks in adv. -ian
  12. It is what You name it. object inspector. See under Name: that is where you name your "selected" tab in layout mode.
  13. BCooney; have done some more work, Using GLobals to collect data for entry, Things are looking good right now. Thanks for your 5 cents! -ian
  14. ] test this: create a textbox in your Current table (name it Status ) now create a new Field ; call is c_checkStatus ( make it a textfield; with calculated value: Uncheck; if not replace... and enter Johns calc with your fields; Case( Name ="active"; YOURFIELD::ID ) Create value list based on this c_checkStatus. hope that helps
  15. As you can see , this is starting to become quite ambiguous. Any ideas how i can eliminate this before this gets way out of hand? 1 Product can have MANY options, there are some Products which share the same Option( this is my issue) 2. using value lists, but perhaps this is not the way ! 3. Perhaps my normalization is not normalized enough? if not, how can i normalize better. Thanks -ian
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