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  1. Because of this issue, i have now learned about pickers and selector / connector. filemaker has grown so much. thanks Wim Decorte.
  2. Portal Filter calculation: IsEmpty ( GLOBALS::g_lookUp ) or FindWordPartsInText ( GLOBALS::g_lookUp ; Customers::FullName; 1) Issue is if i am creating a new record: the Customers information is not stored. Since Global searchfield is: a field in portal to trigger cf, then it does not find anything. see file attached: layout ( work order): Your Store.fmp12
  3. the calculation gives me NO RESULT on the layout i need it for.
  4. Hello Everyone; i am tyring to get a type ahead working on my system regarding point of sale. The only issue i see is taking teh user to another layout to use the following type ahead system: If ( start > WordCount ( haystack) ; 0 ; Let([ needle = LeftWords(needles; 1); word = MiddleWords(haystack; start;1) ]; Case ( Left ( word; Length(needle) ) = needle; If( WordCount(needles) < 2; 1; FindWordPartsInText(RightWords ( needles; WordCount(needles) -1); haystack ; 1) ); FindWordPartsInText(needles; haystack; start + 1
  5. I would agree with that FItch.. Too much Custom Functions make it hard to read / debug and well, UNDERSTAND what is going on besides the person who wrote it.
  6. Cartesian connection Shows all Records [X] from transactions to Model # It would help to see file though. eg; Model_ID [X] Model_ID (transactions table) would show all Model_ID's
  7. M. Edoshin responded via an email list; here is pdf in its glory! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9175169/Hierarchies%20in%20FileMaker.pdf
  8. " Wrote an whitepaper on how to implement hierarchical structures in FileMaker 8 or above. " Here's the PDF and a sample FileMaker file. Link:http://edoshin.typepad.com/bits_and_pieces/2008/07/hierarchies-in.html is dead and M. Edoshin has not responded to my email attempts. thanks; -i
  9. NO one chimed in : ( , but after some more working. Issue was using my global key as the value list Display data from: ( context ) the value list was getting "VALUES FROM" my Option TYpes::ID and OPtion Types::Name fields( Context ) i will figure this stuff out even if i go crazy trying to.
  10. Hello Everyone; I am trying to do a prototype db , but i tell you context is a tricky thing that i still have left to master. If you look @ my screenshot i am trying to use a global to "SHOW" the Option TYpes from OptionTypes_select, but don't know HOW to! I have tested using lookup filelds and that works, but i would love to know how /if i can show data from Option Types & Options across the graph using globals within my Orders Table. The reason is i am wanting users to select and add certain criteria within Orders and after they make the selection, and choose Submit, the or
  11. Hello everyone; Looking for any help on this one; Having a bit of an issue with Connectiing Lines --> LineOptions-->Options ___Optionstypes. just wanted to know how to make this much more efficient jumping over to other layouts to create new records that relate accordingly or allow create wherever necessary. I am a bit hesitant for orphans so i need to figure out a delete tree as well Or perhaps just archive all my records in a utility table when necessary. Issue i have lies when on LinesOptions Table and user is adding option Types & Options eg. Product Type = Cake
  12. It is what You name it. object inspector. See under Name: that is where you name your "selected" tab in layout mode.
  13. BCooney; have done some more work, Using GLobals to collect data for entry, Things are looking good right now. Thanks for your 5 cents! -ian
  14. ] test this: create a textbox in your Current table (name it Status ) now create a new Field ; call is c_checkStatus ( make it a textfield; with calculated value: Uncheck; if not replace... and enter Johns calc with your fields; Case( Name ="active"; YOURFIELD::ID ) Create value list based on this c_checkStatus. hope that helps
  15. As you can see , this is starting to become quite ambiguous. Any ideas how i can eliminate this before this gets way out of hand? 1 Product can have MANY options, there are some Products which share the same Option( this is my issue) 2. using value lists, but perhaps this is not the way ! 3. Perhaps my normalization is not normalized enough? if not, how can i normalize better. Thanks -ian
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