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  1. Well here is what I have. I am not too familiar with how relationships work so I'm not sure if I am doing this correctly. The BIA table is the main table. I will need to input data into the Control table and the Definitions table. The definitions table is just a reference table of what each field means The Control table is basically an expansion of the BIA Table When I am in browse mode I am unable to add data to the empty fields in both the Definitions and Control tables. I can only input data in the fields that already have data in it. Document1.doc
  2. Yes I think it has something to do with the relationships between the tables I have. There are 3 tables and Table 1 is my main table and I am able to edit the fields. But Table 2 and Table 3 I can not add any data to the blank fields. I don't know what I did wrong with the relationships between the tables though. When I remove the relationship graphs the empty fields on Table 2 and 3 says <unrelated table>. Any suggestions?
  3. Well some fields I have data in it and I am able to edit and add data to it and the fields that dont have data (its just a blank white space) I can't input anything into it.
  4. I don't know what I did wrong but I can't input any new data iinto any of my records. Whenever I click into a box to add in new information about a project that is in progress it won't let me type into it. I am in Browse mode so I don't know why its limiting me.
  5. Ok so Table 1 has all our records of the projects we are currently working on and it also lists projects that are finished. My manager wants to be able to easily search for a certain project from Table 1 and find its "Control number" and what the control number means from Table 2 (sort of like a reference table). I've decided to make a button on Table 1 that will lead to Table 2. Right now I have this button and when I click on it, it goes to Table 2. Table 2 has none of my records listed from Table 1. so Table 2 only has ONE record for all 100 records from Table 1. Am I suppose to import
  6. I'm a little unclear as to how I can go about with my relationships. I have two tables. The first table shows all of the company's risk record which are projects that we have finished and have not finished or projects that are in progress. The second table shows the risk records' Control ID which is like an ID for each risk record (I have about 100 records by the way). This second table is like a reference section that catergorizes what control ID each risk record falls under. Here's an example of what I have in each Table: Table 1: (Risk Record) Type Criticality Rating Statu
  7. ^Thank you. When I insert // for the current date it does not show the current year just the month and day. It looks like this 3/1/ How can I get it to show the month day AND year?
  8. I need to figure out how I can add a header, a footer, a page #, and current date onto the Table View?
  9. Hm okay, its just a temporary thing so I can just make new layouts and delete when its all printed.
  10. I have several fields. They are start date, end date, Actions, Status, Recommendations, and etc. I have about 100 records. I was asked if I can print ONE field (instead of the entire data with all other fields). My coworkers only wanted to print out (one field) which was the Recommendations for a meeting but I was not able to. Is there a way that I can do this?
  11. ^^lol ok got your corrections...I guess its time for a vacation!
  12. Okay great! and yes I have NO skill level what so ever lol but I am learning and I thank this forum and you for helping me through my first database! I will try this out! thanks.
  13. Okay so I have 2 fields, one is StartDate the second is EndDate. The user won't be inputting the dates in StartDate and EndDate at the same time. If the user wants to look at the start date they will input the "oldest" date in start date ONLY and leave the EndDate blank with no searches. I'm thinking of including both ascending and descending order so if the user just wants to start with the "newest date" they can do that instead of always starting with the "oldest date". It would probably be better if there are more options to finding the dates. A little more information about
  14. ^Yeah I tried the script and it didnt work When I put in 2010, which is the oldest date, it only shows dates from 2010...Not from 2010-2013. And it doesn't go by order so when I'm clicking through the 2010 dates it will show (7/2010, 10/2010, 6/2010 etc.) so the months are random and does not go in ascending order. So like you said I am looking for a script that can allow users to click through records starting from the oldest date to the newest date. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough!
  15. ^User is trying to find a quicker and efficient way to find records and one of them is searching by date
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