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  1. Hi. I wanted to start doing a bit of PHP filemaker stuff but I can't find the FM_API_for_PHP_Standalone.zip file. Its not in the /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/ folder. Where can I get hold of it? Or can someone please send it to me? Or is it possible obsolete with the fms13? many thanks.
  2. Hi. Ive installed, removed and reinstalled a filemaker server and it works perfect, except that the admin page refuse to work. When I visit localhost:1600 it says the page cant be found. And If I use the Start page at XX/admin-server/launch-page/prelaunch_single_en.html it only says that the admin page is not available... Admin Console The FileMaker Server Admin Console Start page is not available. The Admin Server process may not be running, a required port may not be available, or your machine may be running slowly. For information on troubleshooting, see FileMaker Se
  3. perfect. just what I wanted to know. Thanks.
  4. Hi. If I create a custom menu in fm pro advance. Will it display / work in filemaker pro as well? thanks.
  5. Hi. Since the insert picture step dont work on fm go. Whats the alternative? Now i have a script with (shortened version) OSX freeze window go to layout upload New record request insert picture commit go to layout original. This gets me a nice upload finder window on osx and I can upload without needing to se the actual upload page. I works perfect. So what do I need in fm go? I want to make it automatic, so that the user can upload a file from list view by only pressing a button. Ive tried: go to layout upload New record request go to field select p
  6. Who knows. maybe it will help someone so here you go. The solution. It works for me but took two days to solve since I haven't worked much with ssl and java before. Error: I can acces the https://mydomain.com/zulu/ without problems, but when I try to publish a calender with SSL I get this error: ----------------------------------- Calendar Publishing Errorjava.sql.SQLException: Could not connect to database: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to
  7. Aha, Thats a way to do it. But the toolbar is nice to have, especially on the iPad. I gave it a try and it was almost there. But thanks for the tip, might come in handy some day. The layout still works, but its a bit of scrolling sideways to get all the info. I think the next iPad will have a higher res so I assume it will fit then, but Ill probably need new glasses to se anything .
  8. Ok. Then I know. Thanks for all the answers. Ill solve it some other way. We usually don't use iPads for this layouts, but its nice to be able to.
  9. Hi. Thanks for the replays, I will try to be more specific. Ive got a layout that works on both iPad and iMacs (since I think its to much work building individual layouts for every system in this project). But the only thing I could not manage, or figure out, is how to do the question above. I can clarify. A FM layout is divided in different parts, like body, head, footer and so on. On my layout I have a series of icons that leads to different layouts, like a menu. They are all in the header tab. But the fm GO on iPad has a very good build in popup for choosing layouts, so I don't r
  10. Hi. Is there any way of scripting so that the header, or title header don't display on iOS units? I have a menu in the header, and it is not needed on the iPad version because the built in navigation is so good. Kind of wish they would make a bigger and nicer menu in the normal osx fm pro as well. Any how how do you guys solve it with unit dependent graphics? Thanks.
  11. Hi. Trying to figure something out and would like your some of your know how... Im trying to get a Zulu seed code ical plugin to work with ssl, but the problems lays at my server, or in filmmaker. Its a osx lion with latest fm server build. The problem is that my server is successfully running SSL on https://domain.com. When I use the plugin it uses FileMaker xml hosting to access the Ical server. But when I access FileMaker webpublish remotely the ssl is not being used. ( https://domain.com/zulu/ is the address where I need the ssl to function. ) From what I have gathered,
  12. Thanks, thats the gist of it. + then also import the file (filepath) again as a container reference instead.. I just thought there might have been someone at the forum who had a script example doing all this, including keeping track of filenames, sizes and all the other info that can be useful when storing references. But ill give it a go myself, Let you know if I run in to any problems. cheers and thanks.
  13. Hi. I have a script request. Does anyone have an good example script for exporting a container field to a folder and store the address as a reference? Ive done some folder and file management with applescript in the solution, but this is a bit complicated and maybe there is a solution out there that would work with some adaptation. many thanks
  14. Mainly due to security issues. Its nice not to open the network to the internet.
  15. Thats a good point. I assume we will connect with vpn and the permissions should not really be a problem. Exept maybe from the iphones. But when it comes to speed and network bandwidth usage, i still wounder how heavy a fm connection will become...
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