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  1. Hello, I moved my FMS18 to a new server machine last night and I am now running FMS19. I copied all 360works scripts over from the /Database Server/Extensions folder from the old server - only to find the email plugin would yield FileMakerServer Error 4: Command unknown when called from a server side script. In short, we can't call any email plugin command from a server side script. I download the latest version of 360works email this morning, and should be running 3.34016. I issued the restart fsme -y and the server admin seems to show the email plugin as
  2. Thank you Jesse, I will investigate that. All our servers run on Pacific time though; and while I will triple check that all clients run Pacific, too, that would not explain why a modification timestamp of 8:29 AM can persist despite another modification timestamp reading 8:57 AM on another servers - neither timestamp carries any timezone information, so I'm confused as to how mirrorsync would be able to interpret the 8:57 AM as from a different, past timezone. I will report back if I get to the bottom of this - I am sure you have seen this before, but for me it's confusing...
  3. I am running into an issue with MS 6.12 lately. I recently upgraded from MS v4 and thought MS6 did the job just fine. I sync FMS-FMS only. No offline files. I notice that randomly, an updated modified timestamp gets 'ignored' by MS, and the corresponding changes never push to the hub server. I end up with different datasets in the hub and spoke. Then, with another change committed, the MOD timestamp int he hub updates, and that's when MS6 has another chance of picking up that change. What's concerning is that at this point, it's basically a gamble which changes will sy
  4. Hello, since yesterday, all of a sudden my downloads are failing in a script like that: The temporary path is present on my local disk as follows: /Macintosh HD/var/folders/cw/l28ygv6523d4tgfjwknnc85r0000gq/T/S10/ But the directory is empty? Has anything changed with the SuperContainer plugin or with a Mac version update recently perhaps? Thank you! --------------------------------------- UPDATE - nothing wrong with SuperContainer or OS X. I rebooted my client machine and everything was back to n
  5. I was under the impression that I have read somewhere that 360works plugins will be available by the time FMS19 Linux is released for a production build back when it was still in beta... Either way, I can't wait...
  6. Thank you! I hear a lot of buzz with larger installations moving to Linux, so this will be great.
  7. Coming up empty as to how to install the email plugin for server side scripts on FMS 19 / Linux?
  8. Thank you! I was able to figure it out last night for RedHat: It required a setenv.sh file to be created and a restart of TomCat. Works like a charm now. Thank you.
  9. Getting the dreaded: java.lang.OutOfMemoryErrorL Java heap space message again on initial sync, MS6. I know the advanced topics outline how to increase heap space on Mac and Windows - but which file do I amend to increase memory allocation with the mirrorsync installed on tomcat 8 / Linux? Thank you!!
  10. I have a calculation field, with a text result, that I want to give some sort of visual indication of how expensive an item is without displaying the actual price. In a list view, I would want that text calculation field to provide quick visual reference as to how expensive an item is: ITEM 1 - $$$$$$$$$ ITEM 2 - $$$ ITEM 3 - $$$$$$ ITEM 4 - $$$$$$$$$$$ ITEM 5 - $$ Short of nested Ifs, what is an elegant way to achieve that calculation? Thank you
  11. SOLVED! Wim was very right. On my virtualized Mac server, I looked high and low and couldn't find any cronjobs that would run at that time. However, I did not check the launchd plists!!! D'Oh! Turns out, /Library/LaunchDaemons contained two .plist files that invoked letsencrypt renewal scripts at 11:51 PM every Saturday! The StartCalendarInterval was the dead giveaway. I assume FMS shuts down into some sort of safe hibernation that disallows it to be re-started if someone tries to mess with the SSL certificate while the server is running.
  12. Yes, that would allow me to script that result, but ultimately, I need that result list as dropdown to be rendered on a website. So I need all of that to work in a Field calculation?
  13. I'm sorry I didn't explain this properly. The dropdown field for specialty would be from within the context of a specific insurance company. In other words, you could start from no context and make it two dropdown boxes: - Select any one medical specialty - Select any one insurance company Result list should then show all physicians matching specialty and insurance company. Any doctor may have one or more medical specialties and any doctor may be credentialed with one or more insurance companies.
  14. Good morning - so this is something I have struggled with for some time and it seems easy enough but I can't seem to figure it out. For every simple relationship in my database, I can very easily show related records. It's literally one direct related record away and can be processed easily in formulas, lists, scripted - it just works. However, I struggle when more than one relationship is involved. As an example, assume I want my solution to manage a team of physicians in different insurance networks. So my basic tables are: PHYSICIANS INSURANCE
  15. Thank you Wim and John - I will keep looking. Like I said, it's a graceful shutdown as far as FMS is concerned - but after that has shut down, it won't come back on even from fmsadmin CLI. That's what's weird, but I agree it has to be something in the environment.
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