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  1. This is strange. Two FMS18 servers on Mac. Both run a similar database file I had synced with mirrorsync. One of the tables is not that important but slowed mirrorsync down, so I decided to not mirror that table between server 1 and server 2, but instead make server 2 an external data source to server 1. I add server 2 as external data source to server 1. Then, things start to get weird. The table I wanted from eh external source I deleted from server 1. Yet, when I add server 2 as external datasource, it defaults back to the local file? I can
  2. Hello, I have quite a few calculation fields that use SCGetInfo. I am trying to migrate towards a FMS19 installation on Linux - how do I install the Companion plugin on FMS 19 for Linux? Thank you!!
  3. I am unable to locate installation instructions to install Mirrorsync v6 on a linux machine. I uploaded the .war file to tomcat - only I realize I was missing the installation step so I don't have the admin password?
  4. When I use SCGetInfo on a SuperContainer location that is password protected, how do I properly submit these credentials in SCGetInfo? Actually, I figured it out: It's set in SCSetBase. Thank you!
  5. The CentOS FMS19 performs strongly so far; but which ODBC/JDBC driver should I use?
  6. Per 360works, they are working on releasing FMS19 CentOS versions of all their plugins prior to or round production release.
  7. So on FileMaker Server 19 dev preview on Centos, how do I enable XML? I attempted fmsadmin set cwpconfig enablexml=true and CLI indicates all went well, but fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-dbnames yields forbidden? Thank you
  8. Oh that's strange but it makes sense. It's strange because the calculation fields are not normally meant to involve client side computing? Perhaps I am not understanding it fully. So if I serve a calculation using SCGetInfo through web direct or as JSON through XML, I need to have the companion installed on the web direct instance?
  9. As MacOS is really Darwin, I tried installing the 360works MacOS plugins. Of course, that also did not work - I guess all the path references must be different. I cannot imagine 360works would drop the ball and NOT support the linux version. However, and shouts out to Jesse @360works, I did find 360works release email yesterday a bit misleading as it announced that all plugin versions are compatible with Filemaker 19 - when they are clearly not compatible with FMS19 for CentOS. My guess is the guys over @360works will release new versions within days. I am not su
  10. Hello- I am getting confused - When I have a calculation field on a Filemaker Server hosted database file that is basically SCGetInfo(path) - which SuperContainer Companion plugin instance is responsible for rendering that calculation result? The one installed on the Filemaker client computer, or the one installed on the Filemaker Server? I am confused about this as I was certain the server side Companion instance would do the math. However, I just set up a brand new FMS instance on a brand new machine and had no chance to install the Companion plugin
  11. Hello 360works - What's the timeline to bring: SuperContainerCompanion Scribe FTPeek and the Email plugin to the Linux version of FMS19? Can't wait! Thank you
  12. Import records is a great idea. I somehow forgot that one may script imports. I guess the import would have to be two separate ones - to the archive file and two the live file. This does not even have to be real time, I could probably run it overnight and have a delete script in place that only deletes the live record once the archive record is positively consistent. Thank you.
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