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  1. After Ace. Could add file to a github repo be next feature? And built in push would be cool to have. Pushing from github to @Appharbor f ex

  2. Modelling a tree in a document database (for example CouchDb & MongoDb) http://t.co/OIyEfqS

  3. For free (to begin with) noSql hosting? MongoHq?

  4. :-o surprisingly easy: open the #nancyfx repo sln in mododevelop osx and run any demo ootb, self hosted, aspnet, owin, razor... #IDidNotKnow

  5. impressed by MochaUI http://t.co/3Gaal3S web ui

  6. Great job with the new #NancyFx docs @TheCodeJunkie et al, much needed! http://t.co/fX1vSTk

  7. so - http://t.co/zdDjqHf is the way to build umbraco from source ? and I would need nant to get it done?

  8. getting errors semi-randomly when saving razor files in #umbraco 4.7.1 (nightly) mostly - but not only - with subfolder-files. Anyone else?

  9. Small update to the #umbraco #razorlogin package (webforms free login for members) + added a basic screencast http://t.co/yG16TUR

  10. Young devs, listen up, think of the day when you're old (like 40) and forgetful, now write those unit tests, one day you will be grateful ;)

  11. Anyone with experience with #RhoMobile? Seems like a solid (?) and cost efficient way to get up and running on multiple mobile platforms.

  12. life is to short to work with slow computers.

  13. Once again Klout says I'm influential about "helicopters". :) Can I use that influence somehow? ... or rather... what's the use for Klout?

  14. "In doubt we trust"

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