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  1. Hi, I am going to migrate my FileMaker server from one server machine to another and I am in the process of testing the transfer. However following the test transfer I have discovered that accessing database files in the new server via WebDirect is not functioning properly. I wonder if the community can offer some advice? Normally upon entering the hyperlink (i.e. <host>/fmi/webd/), I would be presented the default WebDirect screen asking for my credentials before presenting me with the list of database files available. However when the files are hosted on the new server, I only get th
  2. Oh whoops! Sorry, can't believe I made this silly mistake. I completely forgot to update my client software. Thanks for pointing it out Steven!
  3. Hi, I just installed the custom SSL certificate as part of the update of my FMS13 to 13.0v9, and I noticed the open url script step on my FileMaker Pro client stopped working since the certificate was installed. I have since proceeded with the update and completed it successfully, but the open url issue remained. I'm at a loss as to why this is the case and would appreciate any suggestions to resolve the issue. I know the open url script stopped working after the certificate was installed but before the update was carried out because I happen to have need of using it at that point. The issue
  4. Hi all, Just want to say in the end I applied Comment's suggestion as it is easy enough for my level of skill to implement and it worked very well. A great many thanks to Comment and everyone in the community for the support and help. Cheers, The MacGuffin
  5. Hi Comment, Essentially, I need to be able to say, "my team has compiled X correspondence sent to contacts representing Y countries this year". Country is an attribute of a contact indeed. The join table only retrieves country through a calculation field base on the contact. This is made because each correspondence is essentially a template letter, and each letter is sent to multiple people from different countries - Like a mass email I guess. We are less interested in the total amount of correspondence sent and the number of people received. Instead we're more interested at how ma
  6. Hi, I have a simple correspondence database with three tables: Contacts (called PEO), Correspodence (called peo_peocoo_COO), and a joint table called peo_PEOCOO. In Contacts, one of the fields is Country. I need to give a single number of how many countries has received correspondence from my team, so I wanted to count number of countries (not the number of times each country has ocurred) in the joint table. I am however having difficulty at using the methods commonly posted in the forums and would really appreciate some assistance. As an example, I have China China Japan China US
  7. Hi, Â I am designing a FM12 database to allow people report their progress of work. I've seen a database design that allows customizsation by the users (not just admins) to create their own question templates, which will then appear in a separate reporting page for users to fill in. Building on this design, I wonder if it is possible to give users the ability to choose which questions they would like to answer. I am however at a loss as to how to create the relationships and designs to achieve such functionality, and would really appreciate your expertise in the matter. Â From the databa
  8. Hi, I have a Country table (CTY) linked to a News Article table (GPN) via a joint table. I am having difficulty getting a portal to display related records from the joint table, and have tried but couldn't figure out why. All I want is for the portal to display the title of the article. The portal in question is in a layout of the CTY, and is showing related records from the joint table, which has a calculation field that gets the article title from GPN. Somehow the portal is unable to display the calculated article title of the joint table. The calculation field in the portal is persi
  9. Hi Wim & Steven, We've figured out the problem: Port 5003 was not open on the client computer. All is working fine now, and a million thanks for all your help and suggestions. The MacGuffin
  10. Thanks Wim. No there was no sign of her connecting at all in the event and access logs. Could this be an issue with slow connections on the client side?
  11. Thanks Steven, Both the client and the server are operating on Windows Vista. And yes the client does have access to the database, with a valid account and password: We've tested her access via IWP and she is able to log into the database successfully. Cheers, The MacGuffin
  12. Hi, One of my colleagues overseas cannot get the password window to pop up when trying to connect to the FileMaker Server in our office. This is the first time we encounter this problem and I would appreciate any help to remedy it. My colleague, base in Malaysia, has just installed FileMaker Pro 12 in her computer. She tried to open remote file and add a favourite host with the correct host internet address. Normally, upon saving the new favourite host, a new window would be opened and the user would be prompted to enter the account name and password. This window did not pop up at all.
  13. Thanks for confirming Wim Decorte, Will using 3G to connect be a potential solution? (next time, my colleague is back in office now) The MacGuffin
  14. Hi, My team had been successfully accessing our database via FileMaker Pro and Go for a while from our office and from our home. Today a colleague of mine tried accessing the database from another wifi network outside of our office and homes but failed. Is there some way I can rectify this? The database in question is deployed with FileMaker Server 12 Advanced on a server computer in our organisation. We've been accessing it with FileMaker Pro and Go (both with iPads and iPhones) for a couple of months now without problem. We've only ever accessed it when we're in the office, or at h
  15. Hi all, I re-logined as admin and tried copy and pasting - and it worked. I then re-logined to the original (non-admin) account and everything suddenly worked again. Tested it the next day and all is well once more. Really strange. In any case, many thanks to all of you for your time and help to resolve the matter. Cheers, The MacGuffin
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