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  1. I'm trying to create a calculation field that calculates time and days it took to quote. I have record created date and record created time fields and then record quoted date and record quoted time fields. I'm hoping to have a field that shows average time to quote 3 days, 34 minutes Anyone have experience on something like this? Thank you
  2. I currently have a button that exports the current record in excel format on my Mac desktop. When I use Filemaker go on my iPad this button does nothing. Ideally I would like that button to recognize the iPad as the device being used and create a script to export to iCloud desktop Is this even possible? Thanks
  3. I have a table with the field Producer Number. This table has about 10 records each with a different producer number 1-10 and these numbers change daily. Some days it will have numbers 4, 5, 6, 7. Other days it will have 1, 2, 5, 6. Etc. I'm trying find a way to to set a field when entering a layout to a random number within this field so when 4, 5, 6, 7 numbers are entered in the field a random number from that set will be selected and entered into the field. Further, is there a way to use this field or value set from my table and enter these numbers sequentially? Please let me know if I wasn't specific enough. Thank you!
  4. Matthew R White

    Customer Menu - values from field

    I have a major table that I'm trying to integrate into a drop down menu option - get values from field but I need some help with this... The table has 3 fields, Year, Make and Model (Aircraft), so the values look like 1990 Cessna 180, 1990 Cessna 190, 1997 cessna 150, etc etc I'm trying to create a drop down wherein the user first selects the year (menu items calculated from the year field) then once a year is selected, only those makes from that year are shown, then model, only those models from that make is shown. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. I've deployed filemaker server 15 and when I'm offsite (at home) i can connect to my filemaker database when my iPhone is on wifi only, once I switch to LTE the server disappears or loses connection. Any thoughts or suggestions on this? Thank you!!! Matt
  6. Is there a script step to send a message to another filemaker user thats currently logged in? Thanks! Matt
  7. I'm trying to set up a button bar that displays the current months names based on the following Current month Last month Next Month I can use Month (Get(current date)) - 1 (for example) but I get a number of 2 for february or 1 for january If I use Monthname (Get (Currentdate) - 1 my result is (-1) Thanks in advance, thanks!
  8. Matthew R White

    Hide Tab Control and Hide Fields

    First, I have a tab control with 3 tabs, I would like to use the Hide If feature to hide certain tabs depending on certain conditions. When I try this it hides the whole tab control (with all 3 tabs) and I'm looking to do this individually, is this at all possible? Second, I have quite a few fields that I need to have on my layout for calculations and scripts but I don't want users to see these. What is the best way to keep the fields on a layout but hide them from users? Thanks!
  9. Matthew R White

    Store pdf file within filemaker

    I'm looking to store an editable pdf file that I created in a container that's accessible in every record What is the best way to do this?
  10. Matthew R White

    Sort table by initial row or most current date

    so the max function isn't the right function (I don't think) When sorting by the max function I get 1 record at the top (the most recent record) followed by all the other records in no particular order below. I'm trying to sort by (Today) (Yesterday) Then (All Other Dates) Sorted by Most recent date at the top. Jus too clarify, I have my main database table, then another phone Log table with 5-10 phone log records for each customer in my main table. I'm trying to create a layout that sorts by the most recent date of the phone log entries and just shows the most recent date. Any thoughts?
  11. Matthew R White

    HTTPS website interaction

    Some of the websites that I'd like to automate entry are as follows http://elad.aigaviation.com https://us.aeroinsure.com/aus/servlet/EventHandler http://www.aero.hallselect.com/producer/login https://qbus.ussic.com/Qbus/QuoteRequest/Search https://fly.myqbe.com/portal/login.jsp http://londonaviation.net
  12. Matthew R White

    HTTPS website interaction

    Thank you webko and comment the purpose is: We have an aviation insurance business, all of our customers data is within our filemaker database, we have 11 companies that we shop the market with, all have separate websites, username and log ins, we currently have to log in to each website, inout all the pilot and aircraft date into forms and clicking buttons, this returns a quote which we put into filemaker. I'm looking to automate this within filemaker if possible. I would be willing to pay for this development as its a bit out of my comfort zone. Thanks
  13. Matthew R White

    HTTPS website interaction

    Webko, thanks for the reply the website is: https://elad.aigaviation.com/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f
  14. Matthew R White

    HTTPS website interaction

    Hi all im trying to use FileMaker to: open an https website navigate to username field enter username, navigate to password field Enter password then click the go button on the website what is the best way to approach this?
  15. Matthew R White

    Sort table by initial row or most current date

    I figured this out!! Using the MAX function the most recent record is returned! Thanks Matt

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