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  1. This is what I see. The web viewer on the left is the original - "?style=noapplet+readonly+noscroll&background-color=rgb(220,220,220)". The middle one has listview added and the one on the right has a width and height set in the style and the web viewer is about twice as big. None of these have a file where the web viewer points.
  2. Yes and No. What your video shows is very similar to what I see with the method of window scrolling affecting when the scroll bars in the web viewer appear. But for me it happens the vast majority of the time on web viewers with no content. This table has 400K records and about 80K images, so about 80% have no data and there are large stretches with no thumbnails. The scroll bars which in my case are both the horizontal and vertical ones appear mostly on the empty web viewers. So I don't think your fix will help those at all, which is what your first post is addressing. I wonder if it's significant that I get both the vertical and horizontal and you only get the vertical? My styling on this web viewer is: "?style=noapplet+readonly+noscroll&background-color=rgb(220,220,220)" I tried adding listview and fixed sizes and a web viewer much larger than the fixed size and a few other things, but none of it made a difference. I kind of believe that the fact the it's so reproducible based on window scrolling method and that it doesn't seem to be record based, that there is nothing we can do to the code that will fix it.
  3. I have the same problem in on list views. I've tried listview style, different sizes and no scrolls and I stil get scrollbars. I have found two ways to make them go away. One is when users navigate from the list view to the entry layout and then return to list views the scroll bars are gone. Also clicking between layout mode and browse mode makes them disappear, but the users certainly can't do that. One very odd and maybe significant factor is that when clicking in the window scroll bar to make the layout move page by page they appear infrequently, whereas clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the window scroll bar to move record by record makes the web viewer scroll bars show up on almost every record.
  4. Hi- Did you make the calculation unstored? -Phil
  5. Hi- When using the SCChooseFile function of the companion plug in, you can specify an initial path. Can the same thing be done in the web viewer when using the browse button that appears for uploading when the web viewer is empty? Thanks, Phil
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