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  1. Hi I just upgraded from SC. 2.852 to version 2.863 fixed. (iMac OSX Lion, stand alone) Images in webviewer show up. But the SC container shows "error". SC server has the following error message: An error occurred while handling request /SuperContainer/RawData//FM/Images/Object/imgxxx?doNotDownloadNonImage=true in thread http-8020-Processor7 What can I do?
  2. I tried one upload and it worked, but Containerfields didn't... But I didn't have the time test it thoroughly today. I can do changes only on weekends and I had to revert to the previous SC version quickly for to keep the DB running
  3. Unfortunately there is more to this: with SC 2.861 the images don't show up in SC container fields (as they did in the previous version) - and as they do again after my downgrade...
  4. Hi Ooparah, yes I am using "readonly" style. Anyway, the warning was indeed helpful, since it informed me that the latest version of SC is not working (on iMac OS 10.7.3, FM 12). After I downgraded to SC 2.852 it is working smoothly again (thank you Time Machine :-) ). Is SC 2.861 buggy or do I need change something in FM12?
  5. UPDATE: I went back to Supercontainer 2.852 and everything is fine again (FM12). Must be a bug/different setting in SC 2.861.
  6. Hi, I have just upgraded to FM12 and SC 2.861. Now I receive the error message "Upload not allowed for this folder path". Image show up in webviewer, but not in SC container fields. PS: I did neither change the folder path nor the IP address.
  7. Thanks ooparah, I had already checked the demo file, but still do not understand which values I have to enter in the calc field WebViewerURL. I tried the following, but it's not working: SCGetInfo ("http://" & xxxxx::SC_setIP & ":8020/SuperContainer/Files/FMGalerie/Document/Doc/") :getlost:
  8. Hi, I have a portal with PDF files (SC container as unstored calc) on Layout A . How do I show the PDF from the Portal in a webviewer on the same layout A? PS: I only know the basics of scripting...
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. The recommended unstored calc field has a much better resolution that the web viewer. :smile:
  10. Hello, The images in the webviewer look crisp, but when I save them to PDF they become blurry and unusable. How can I save the images to a PDF file without changes of the resolution? - I am running FM11 Pro in a local network (with my iMac as server). - Webviewer style: "?style=noapplet+left+noscroll+nodelete"
  11. Problem solved by installing the SC plugin on the client PC. :smile:
  12. Thanks I have was able to get it running via VPN in our small network including Portal images and I have purchased Supercontainer. But a new problem emerged: When I am run FM via VPN (Logmein Hamachi) between office and home everything is fine. BUT I just tried the database at Starbucks and non of SC's functions like SCSetBaseURL were available. Is this a port problem?
  13. Many Thanks! If have set Mac to a static IP and exchanged it with "localhost". But in regard to the portal I have an additional question. How do I combine SCGetContainer and SCSetBaseURL in the calc field? Just with a simple AND (which doesn't work) ? Like this? SCSetBaseURL("http://xxx.xxx.2.210:8020/SuperContainer/Files") AND SCGetContainer( "/obj_obj/obj_obj::_pkObject";50;50 )
  14. Hi, I am fairly new to FM (and even more so to scripting). Therefore I am glad that I was able get Supercontainer running at all and to migrate 2000 images to the supercontainer via the recommended script (and my first working loop ). - Filemaker 11 Pro/ Mac OS Lion - Location of the images: "http://localhost:8020/SuperContainer/Files/obj_obj/" - Webviewer calc: "http://" & "localhost:8020" & "/SuperContainer/Files/" & "obj_OBJ" & "/" & obj_OBJ::_pkObject Anyway, I have two problems: 1) Images are not showing up in portals. What is wrong in the non s
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