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  1. thanks! this is so helpful! i added an MRI tab. do you happen to foresee any problem with the way I set up my MRI portal in the demographics layout? also, i have another question. I want to generate a list (report?) of all patient IDs that have a condition called "mesial temporal sclerosis." This field appears at etiology::mesial temporal sclerosis. It has an associated value list with "definite" and "possible" as checkerboxe options. Do you happen to know if it is possible to generate a list of all patients who have both or one of these boxes checked for this field? thanks
  2. sorry! here is the attachment. also, do you have any idea why i can add new rows (records) for drugs within the portal in the medications tab, but not add additional rows for the two portals in the SEBBD tab? updated.fp7.zip
  3. this is incredible, thank you! I have attached an update of my database. I set the demographic information as the "main table" and have included tabs with portals to information in other child tables. For the medications table, I have a column for "drug ID." Is there a way that I can automatically generate a unique # for this field for each new drug for an individual patient (but can repeat a set of #s for another patient)? So if Patient A had 5 drugs. #s 1 through 5 would be used. If Patient B had 7 drugs, #s 1 through 7 would be used. Also...is a "drug ID" field even necessary
  4. ok thank you! i tried to do that, but for some reason, i am not allowed to "copy" the table after going to manage database and clicking on the table i want to use. i will keep playing with it.
  5. just curious...is there a way to copy an old table (i.e. the fields, or even a layout of those fields) into a new database/fm file? otherwise, it looks like I will have to recreate fields over again, which is fine. just curious if anyone new if this is possible?
  6. Hi thanks for your response. I have all of the child tables related to the main table, which is basically just a field that has "patientID" in it (and is used to create a layout that has a list of all patientIDs). The child tables are all related to the main table by patientID. Is this not the best way to have this set up? What do you mean by "Your PatientID in Main table is not a global and it probably should be" I would like to enter all of the drugs for a patient into the "treatments" table. The only way I can think to do this is for each drug, to have its own drugID number. Is th
  7. Hi thank you for your response -- here is a copy of my database. It might be best if I describe first what I want to do, then what i did, and then what the problem is. I want to create a table that lists all of a patient's drugs taken (past and present). I want this table to be able to list every drug, dates taken, dosage, date stopped, and any side effects of the drug. I then want to create a portal in my main table that will show the list of drugs and the rest of the information for said patient. Is there a way to do this other that how I currently have it set up? (I made a
  8. I have made a table ("A"), and made a table occurrence for this table. Then in a layout entitled "main table," I have a tab control, and placed a portal within one of those individual tabs. Within that portal, I provided the fields from that table occurrence for table A. The relationship between the two tables (and the main table and the TO for A) is made by one field -- a unique number. However, whenever I type information into the portal for that table, it does NOT sync up with the individual table A (in a separate/it own layout)...this has worked well for me before. That is to say, I h
  9. I have a table with patient names, and a table with disorders. Then i created a table occurrence to join patients to disorders. Can you explain how to make the list like the one above? Thanks again for your help!
  10. sorry for the late response. that should be ok if a patient falls into more than one category, and this will probably happen a lot. I want to create summaries based on those individual categories, such as creating a list of all patients in the database that have a particular disorder. am i able to make a summary for the following? -make a list of all patients whose records have a certain checker box marked for a value set in a specific field Ex. Generate a list of all patients who are diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy, or all records that have a checker box marked for temporal
  11. I am trying to create a sub summary of certain data in my database. I have one table that lists patient IDs, and this parent table is linked with multiple child tables through this field. I would like to generate summaries of the number of patients who have certain qualities as specified in some of the child tables, such as a certain condition. I'd like to generate a list of such patients. While in patient list layout mode, I went to "insert" then "part" then sub-summary" and then specified a specific field from a specific table. However, nothing shows up after having done this. Can anyone ple
  12. Hi, I setup a database for patient information, and am now at the stage of learning how to generate records based upon the data that we input. I have a couple questions, and would really appreciate some help to point me toward the right direction. I have my database setup so that there is a layout called Patient List, with patient names and identification numbers, and a table called Main Table, which has a tab control on a layout for the table which has individual portals to separate tables, such as MRI data. I attached a copy of my database to show how I have set it up. One
  13. thanks for your response. regarding my current setup, i made individual tables for the various tests, such as MRI or PET, simply because there may well be multiple tests per patient, taken on different dates. (tables 1-4 (demographics to syndrome) will probably be merged into one table since there is a 1:1 relationship) So Patient A could have 3 MRI test results, and I wanted a way to be able to pull up all of these results for the patient. are you suggesting that I put all of these fields into one table too?
  14. hi! does anyone know the solution to this problem or why it's even occurring? No matter what i do, i can't seem to fix it. When i go to create more portals, the same thing keeps happening....very frustrating.
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