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  1. Charity

    Uninstall pre-release 16?

    Thank you all very much. I am set now.
  2. Charity

    Uninstall pre-release 16?

    So I got a copy of 16 from Tech Info and just bought a real 16 version. In the past there have been people who say it was a problem if they did not remove their prior version. Is that still the case? If so, how do I remove it from my Mac since I do not see an uninstall in its folder? I don't want any problems. thank you.
  3. Hi LaRetta, I am excited as well, hijack anytime. I just finished that video. We are still on 14 also but I think we will move to 16 later this year because this sure seems like a great improvement. Thank you everyone. I always get very excited when I come here because I get such great ideas and help.
  4. I did not know this. It does not say that in FM Help!? Also, it says "When you use the Replace Field Contents script step, the data must be committed first before the operation is performed, or you may get unexpected results. " I do not understand what this means. Should I start a new topic?
  5. LaRetta, yes that was my question. I can remember "lazy loading" to help me in future
  6. Ok. So I know to use layouts in form view when I do not want to fetch records. I read that somewhere. But I notice I can have fields added in table view and they do not show in form view. If the layout is kept in form view and only switched to table when i want to view the fields does this mean records will still not be fetched when in form view and the fields do not show? Same question if in form view but I have fields on a second tab of a tab panel and do not display it? as long as I do not switch to table view or display the second tab, no records are fetched? Do I understand right please? Is there a way to tell if records are getting fetched and does that mean same thing as records downloading from server? I think you for any help in understanding this.
  7. Charity

    Find two words

    Can someone explain why if I search for the words: York New that it also finds record with: New York ?
  8. Charity

    Filter a filtered relation

    Thank you Webko. So what I have been reading about filtered portals, that filter portals look at all records which is why they can be slow, is not exactly right? then it means filtered looks at all records from the relation and then only needs to filter further from there? sorry I swear there are over 30 posts here and fmi which contradict themselves about it so I want to be sure I understand. so the relation limits first so the burden is less on the filtered portal which only takes it from there? sorry to ask again i just want to be sure I understand. Has that changed? may be it used to apply filtered portal first and that changed?
  9. Charity

    Filter a filtered relation

    So I have Invoices to invoice lineitems one to many. And say there are 190,000 lineitems but only 20 belong to this invoice. If I then use a portal of lineitems on invoices based upon match of invoiceID which I then filter on the portal so only certain records come up such as only shipping = UPS, is it filtering on the 20 lineitems or all 190,000. I have read many things but I am still confused. sorry it is impossible to see how it is being filtered so I can't find my answer. added --- i mean is the portal filtering 190,000 records or 20?
  10. So I switched to primary key of Get(UUID) but now I can not duplicate record. It says it must be unique. Well sure. I do not want to remove the unique validation. I want to skip the validation just one time and then I can set the id field with a different id in my Duplicate Contact script but I do not know how. I find many search results for 'duplicate record in filemaker' but nothing I can use. Is what I want possible or do I need to completely remove validation unique? What do professionals do in this case?
  11. I was pushing the preview icon. thank you both and very nice icons Rivet.
  12. How to make Filemaker use this icon Rivet? I try but it wants to open the 15+ icon like it is data. I get info on the app and drag the icon to Preview. What else to try please? I also tried to get info on a alias but same result.
  13. Charity

    Why does it do this?

    I spoke with tech support and this is just display issue as it redraws and nothing to worry about.
  14. Charity

    display a record number in a field

    I know this one. {{RecordNumber}} and you can see options with Insert and then down towards the bottom.
  15. Charity

    Why does it do this?

    I get strange symbols sometimes. anyone know why? is it because I do not have enough memory? Thank you.

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