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  1. Thank you Comment that puts my mind at ease.
  2. I have searched and my question does not seem to be asked. I am confused on when to use one or the other when I want to take a person back to a field. so example person types into a field A and before leaving layout I check many things that they did. I see they need to correct field A so I show custom message as to why and i want to take them back to field A. this is all on open record not allow commit first. Is it best to object name field A and use Go To Object or use Go To field? ps i have field validation usually also but i like to use nicer messages. Also I do not always know the message i want to give them until they are finished with several fields. Can some explain when i might want to use one or the other? i am always confused on it.
  3. I am working on this. I may have more question in a bit. Thank you both.
  4. I can use this. I have almost identical problem. Tanks for posting it Comment.
  5. So right now I want to hide my Parts Purchased tab if there are no invoices. a customer has tab bar with their history, accounts, invoices and other stuff. I want them all to show. but if customer does not yet have an invoice I want to hide their parts. Can I do this? if not, what would you do so staff knows not to go to that tab? I tried changing the color but failed and it is not clear to staff even if i succeeded. thank you for thinking about my need.
  6. Charity

    Showing buttons

    When I select View it gives me options to view things such as tooltips, sliding objects, popover buttons. One option is buttons like script buttons which turn blue. When I check that on, it comes on and displays all the objects with scrips attached. But it does not stay on as the default instead I have to check it on constantly. I want it on as default. Thank you for asking Steve.🙂
  7. Charity

    Showing buttons

    I go to View Show and select buttons but it never sticks. Once I close the file and reopen it, it no longer shows them. Can I make that setting stick?
  8. i have spent days on this and you fix it in one second. I need to come here more often. thank you Comment.
  9. i think I need another calc or summary. All I want is the percent of the Type to the overall count on the report layout. it is simple report like the attached. Untitled.fmp12
  10. Thank you all very much. I am set now.
  11. So I got a copy of 16 from Tech Info and just bought a real 16 version. In the past there have been people who say it was a problem if they did not remove their prior version. Is that still the case? If so, how do I remove it from my Mac since I do not see an uninstall in its folder? I don't want any problems. thank you.
  12. Hi LaRetta, I am excited as well, hijack anytime. I just finished that video. We are still on 14 also but I think we will move to 16 later this year because this sure seems like a great improvement. Thank you everyone. I always get very excited when I come here because I get such great ideas and help.
  13. I did not know this. It does not say that in FM Help!? Also, it says "When you use the Replace Field Contents script step, the data must be committed first before the operation is performed, or you may get unexpected results. " I do not understand what this means. Should I start a new topic?
  14. LaRetta, yes that was my question. I can remember "lazy loading" to help me in future
  15. Ok. So I know to use layouts in form view when I do not want to fetch records. I read that somewhere. But I notice I can have fields added in table view and they do not show in form view. If the layout is kept in form view and only switched to table when i want to view the fields does this mean records will still not be fetched when in form view and the fields do not show? Same question if in form view but I have fields on a second tab of a tab panel and do not display it? as long as I do not switch to table view or display the second tab, no records are fetched? Do I understand right please? Is there a way to tell if records are getting fetched and does that mean same thing as records downloading from server? I think you for any help in understanding this.
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