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  1. Forgot install OnTimer script step can setup a decent trap for this. Can have it trigger the whenever they enter a keystroke..If they are idle for more then 2 minutes can exit application, this works even if they leave FileMaker Go and come back to it.
  2. Would recommend sending this request to FileMaker if you haven't already. Even with the forced login that fmreauthenticate gives all that is doing is making you enter a username/password but still bypasses any startup script. Would like a fmreauthenticate script trigger in a future version of FileMaker..
  3. It encodes but not the file. When I use an online decoder the decoded result is below instead of encoding the actual contents of the container: remote:ThePDFName.pdf FILE:FMFileName/FieldName/ThePDFName.pdf
  4. The field is actually a text file with no auto enter calc. It is set via a script however that uses supercontainer. (yes it is strange that the recover log says "calculation modified". ) In any case I don't think FileMaker's recover procedure should be different with or without a plug-in installed. Going forward will always check/recover databases without any plug-ins turned on. This database is used by 70 concurrent users and I check it once a month for corruption. In the past I did that with plug-ins on which apparently was a mistake.
  5. Thanks for the reply Vaughan. Yes I am using the FileMaker recover command. Here is the exact output from the log: 2012-11-12 21:40:22.232 -0600 Documents Clone_10_24.fmp12 0 Recovering: field 'FileName' (19) 2012-11-12 21:40:22.234 -0600 Documents Clone_10_24.fmp12 8477 Calculation modified 2012-11-12 21:40:22.236 -0600 Documents Clone_10_24.fmp12 8476 This item changed The issue here isn't that when the supercontainer plug-in is installed, it doesn't see any corruption in the file (nothing in the log) even though there is corruption.
  6. I have a database with a corrupt field. When I try to recover the database (using FileMaker 12v2 or v3 on Windows 7, tried this on several computers) it doesn't see the database as corrupt when the SuperContainer plug-in is installed. When i uncheck the plugin and recover it does see the corruption. Am surprised that a plug-in could affect the FileMaker's ability to see corruption!? Not urgent as I recovered the database, just something to watch out for.. (If 360 responds I can email you a clone of this database)
  7. by removing the ? and forcing the "filename=name.pdf" that made it work. Assume there has been some behavior changes from 2.82 to 2.864?
  8. Am upgrading to SuperContainer 2.864 and the 2.864 plugin however am running into an issue on my test server. Downloading works fine however when uploading it names the file as the last folder and loses the extension (.pdf in my case). Am using the same script that I have used with 2.82 (that has been used to upload thousands of documents) The script is basically like this: Set Variable[$whatever; Value: SCSetBaseURL( “http://myservername/SuperContainer/Files/” ) ] Set Variable[$selectedfile; Value: SCChooseFile( "" )] Set Variable [ $plugSet; Value: SCSetContainer( “/PATIENT
  9. Title says it all. It seems to be working for me but need to make sure it works on 60 computers that are also moving to FileMaker 12 (currently on 11). Is there a release history page?
  10. A "backup is a backup"? For a network file server would you just back it up to another place on the same server? I don't see the point of that. I backup static files offsite or using a backup hardware appliance, no need to copy them to another drive on the same server. This is what 3rd party backup software is for, not FileMaker Server. Also by having FileMaker Server do that backup it slows down the entire backup, for example I just tested 1.2 million remote container files and it took 8 hours for FileMaker backup to complete. There is no need for FileMaker Server to backup these files, the
  11. Not at all. FileMaker backup is helpful in that it prevents people from backing up live FileMaker files that will be corrupted if you go live with them. This is not the case with remote container files. (By backup I mean FileMaker's backup, not "backup" in general)
  12. One thing you should add to your comparison... When FileMaker Server backs up the FileMaker file it also backs up all the remote container content. This is a BAD thing. So if you have a terrabyte of remote container data, you will need another terrabyte to store its' backup even though those files are static. Although future backups will use hard links the first backup still needs to be there. There should be a way to turn that off remote container backups. May have to go with the server command line pause and xcopy like I was doing back in FileMaker Server 3 days:(
  13. Thanks for your reply David, was about to give up on this. The version it displays when I hit http://myserver/SuperContainer/ is "SuperContainer version 2.82" and it was the first time it had been installed on this server (not an upgrade). Little concerned about running the installer as this is a production (~50 users) server as well as a website (and have had bad experiences with FileMaker Server installs in the past deleting IIS information). Will give you guys a call, maybe could setup something for a night/weekend. Ben
  14. is GatorZone a network path or a directory on your computer? could try adding a slash to the beginning of the parameter to see if that works //GatorZone/Users/jhaskel/Desktop/09_08_11HemmittStacie.pdf or maybe use FileMaker path: "filewin:\\Gator Zone\Users\jhaskel\Desktop\09_08_11HemmittStacie.pdf"
  15. When using SCDownload it doesn't put a file extension at the end of a file name like a typical os dialog does. Often times users want to change the filename however they do not know the extension and cannot see it in this dialog...so when they rename it, it completely loses the extension. Example: SCDownload("/mydownload/path"; ""; ""; ""; "showSaveDialog=1") SuperContainer Typical OS is there anyway to show the extension in this dialog?
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