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  1. hi all, i have a couple scripts that are meant to be looped every 3 mins. it involves downloading some data from some url, so my FMS cant do that. i had to resort to Windows 7 task scheduler. Quick question, how to setup that including the account and password to be keyed in automatically? i know i can work around that by leaving the FMP on. but i have a save as pdf script too needed to be run at certain hour. prefer not do so by setting up a 'live' clock in the layout and triggers. any clue guys? regards
  2. Dear all, I have 2 tables main Table Names Total sales 2nd table Items Names total Value 2nd table::total value is a calculated field through some self joint relationship. i am trying to make a script to capture the total value and setfield to Main Table::Total sales by matching the names ofcourse this is a simplified version of the table. it is on a 50k records database. I am doing this is because i am trying to switch over from all unstored calculation fields to script based batch run so that i can increase the performance of th
  3. hi, i know using portal's filtering is a major pain. i tried making occurance and filtering a unstored field. is that possible? What is the best way in doing a filtering of data to be displayed in a portal? i have seen ppl saying using relationship is the best bet.
  4. i tried making one sample base on your example, i can't seem to get it working. the value count return as 1 as i tested it on the field. the use of $i is to identify the records, right?
  5. sorry for my poor english 1 table named "sales record", which has 3 fields, "clientnames", "date" and "salesperson" 1 table named "potential sales", which has also 2 fields, "clientnames2" and "salesperson" now i have a layout based on "sales record" which contains portal of "potential sales", linked by "salesperson". i am hoping to copy the all the entries of "clientnames" into "clientnames2". sorry sir for the confusion.
  6. i have a portal, which has enabled "allow add new records" i also have another table, which contains a field named "clientnames" that have multiple records i would like to add all the "clientnames" into the portal by using "go to last record and setfield via the field name" But it only adds the first record of "clientnames" only.
  7. Hi, I have a table, which i have a field named "clientnames" i would like to copy its contents into another table. By using setfield, it only copies the first value. i have tried using an id in another field. using setfield with if function but it returns same result. i know i have to loop it somewhere but i really have no clue now because i can't seem to specific a value using an id to update into the new table. please shed some light on this. thanks regards
  8. hi guys, i am completely clueless with this. thinking of setting up a VPN for my 3 offices in different location, where the server has a static ip. using OPENVPN questions, i somehow setup the deployment with my local host ip ( port 80, how can i change that? i tried edit deployment but it doesn't show me the option of changing it. i wanted to change it to 8081 because my router has occupied that port. and what ip should i use for VPN IWP hosting setup? and another big issue, it came with a sample database where in the database screen, all options are checked with
  9. Dear, i would like to make a script that opens a url which contains a csv file and save it on my desktop periodicly. how can i do that? been tinkering around with openurl and searched for custom functions, still have no clue about it. PLease advise.
  10. realized that the formating of the post went into a mess. i have attached a sample file here. I wanted to calculate how many of the personincharge's client has came on the monthly basis. not the total visit numbers count.zip
  11. hi guys, first post ever. Been trying to look around for this reference but i can't seem to find the keyword for this. I am migrating from Access to Filemaker. still very new in this. i have 1 table with 3 fields Visiting log and visiting log_self where it joints Date equal date, Name equal name and PersonInCharge equal PersonInCharge id Name date PersonIncharge flag=if(id=visiting log_self::id, "a","") Totalclient=count(visiting log_self::name)
  12. hi, i am very new to Filemaker, i'd like to make a script that downloads csv from yahoo finance and i will try to creat a script to import the csv into a table in my database. I have no clue, it seems to me that a plugin is needed for this specific function, searched high and low in the forum but no luck. I prolly been searching for the wrong criteria. Please shed me some light. many thanks!
  13. hi, howd the project go? would like to use it as a reference to my project
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