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  1. reiersga, I know this is an old thread but did you ever find a solution? I'd like to be able to do this as well and the web scraping option seems viable. The Google spreadsheet itself won't work though. That's not an HTML table like in the video. But if you go to File>Publish to the web, and import from that URL then you will get the data you need to start with. At first glance, I don't see timestamps included in the data though so you may need another column to use as a unique ID. I guess those values are stored somewhere else and imported as it's being displayed in the webpage, as
  2. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for confirming though. Looks like we are either upgrading all clients or going with server advanced and hosting via IWP then.
  3. Ok, but just to be clear- I'm not trying to share a single run time build to multiple users over the network. I want multiple builds of the runtime on multiple machines to all access the same database on the server. So you're saying THAT is not possible right? I know you can't share a signle build over the network. Just want to make sure we're talking about the same scenario here. Thanks :)
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to convert a fp7 database to fmp12, then to a stand alone run time and have it access the original database in fp7 format hosted on FMP 10 Server? We currently have FMP10 Server and about 20 machines with a standard FMP10 client installed. We've purchased FMP12 Server and a few client licenses but are trying to avoid upgrading ALL the clients if the run time solutions can be used to access either server. We would prefer if they could access the FMP 10 server, at least for now until the migration is complete. If it is possible, do you have to change
  5. Yeah, I thought you didn't want any backup software to try grabbing a copy of the DB while it's running. This will be on a Windows PC though so that wouldn't be an option anyway. I think I'm just going to use a script to save a copy with all records and dump it in Dropbox, but not actually store the original in Dropbox. Then use a VBscript and scheduled task to archive all but the most recent and purge them after so long.
  6. We have FMPServer 10 at work. However, I am building a DB for a friend who owns a small business. They will only use it in one location and never have more than one user at a time. So it is not likely that I will convince them to spend the extra money to buy the server version for a single user. So I'm looking for an alternative solution that either backs up on line or to and external drive to prevent data loss if the HD fails on the system where the DB will be stored and ran from.
  7. I have a DB that will be running natively without a FMP server. What's the best way to back up the records and/or whole DB? Would something as simple as placing the DB file in Dropbox be sufficient? Export all records periodically via a script? Should I have a scipt to flush cache to disc or commit records more often than if it were on a server?
  8. I had a similar idea but haven't tried it yet. But instead of swapping, I was thinking of sorting. I could create an auto-entered serial number field that resets to 1 for each invoice. Then have a calculation that divides that into groups of 10 (0r however many fit in the portal) so #s 1-10 would all = 1, 11-20 would all = 2, etc. If I had less than 20 and sorted one way, then the other that would cover it. More than 20 would require a custom sort but still be managable. But this way there would be no need for changing the layout or creating a new one. This sounds like it might be
  9. Yeah, I've used that same approach before but it won't work in this case without modifying the layout like you said. You said that's one approach... do you know of any others? It seems like this has to come up fairly often when printing a layout with a portal. I'm surprised FM hasn't implemented a feature that handles printing multiple pages of the layout and split the related records based on how many fit in the portal.
  10. WOW! Great script man! I like how you used the scriptparameters and "if" steps to allow for using the same script on enter and exit. Great error trapping and logging too. That's something I need to start doing more of. I modified the script to update the rent date as well for all line items when it is changed too. So the same script now handles on enter and on exit of the rent and return date. I've learned a lot on this project, and most of it was from you my friend! I can't thank you enough! One thing I noticed though is that in the loop, you have IF GetLastError.... and then no = X
  11. Yeah, I noticed that too and have corrected it in the version I'm working with now. Thanks again man, you've been a huge help! I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. I noticed a few line items that weren't showing up as rented on certain days when they were on an invoice for that day. Since the line item rent and return dates were look ups, it only works if the date is entered before adding line items. So I tried making the line item rent/return dates a calculation and that broke the relationship filtering. I guess you can't filter a relationship based on a calculation field. So how should I go about making sure the dates in the line item records is updated before viewing the check inventory layout?
  13. No, you're not missing anything. That's just me not being entirely sure what I'm after lol. The way it is now, if a user wants to check the availability of an item before renting out more than they have, they would check on that date and see the number remaining. But if none were rented out, it won't appear on the list. I was thinking it would be nice if it appeared and said that none were rented for that date, instead of the user assuming that based on it not appearing on the list. That was an after thought, half way through developing this layout, and a mis-communication on my part.
  14. That will work! I was Kind of hoping to have ALL items listed in the portal, but I think I can get around that by creating an invoice with all items on it and the quantities set to zero, then set the dates to 0/00/00 and 12/12/99. The only thing that bugs me is that your GTRR script is finding a set of records in the inventory table, so it's not showing all records. That doesn't matter in the InventoryDateCheck layout since you are looking at records from the LineItems portal, but when you change your view to Inventory, it's still only showing a subset. Should I set a 'Show All" script to
  15. Ok, I see what you are saying about the gDate field needing to be in the inventory table. This is way closer to what I am after than what I had before, but it's still not quite working right. I would like for the date to be the only field used to navigate and/or edit the layout, and for all items in the inventory to be listed in the portal showing the # remaining in stock for that day. And there should be no way to accidentally edit the records from there. It's just a viewable, list of what's in stock. When I was trying to check another item with your layout, I ended up renaming an item instea
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