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  1. I also have a VirtualBox VM with filemaker installed on my computer if that could make a difference.
  2. I updated filemaker and still can't open the file, also whenever i open a file in filemaker it comes up with a dialog box that says: FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer.
  3. Yes FileMaker is running while i am accessing the file via ODBC. What do you mean by "patched up"?
  4. I have a previous instill of FileMaker server 11 trial that is expired if that makes a difference.
  5. Yes. ODBC/JDBC sharing is on and all users have access to ODBC.
  6. I am doing the FileMaker Training series and am stuck at ODBC sharing with FileMaker. Upon testing the FileMaker DSN in ODBC Administrator and entering the correct login info it gives me this error: [FileMaker][FileMaker ODBC] (802): Unable to open file Test failed. In addition, the DSN doesn't connect to localhost,, or the IP address of my computer to obtain names of available databases. Here are my DSN settings: FileMaker ODBC Driver 11.0.58 Data Source Name: bonsai Description: bonsai Host: localhost Database: 11b_Bonsai.fp7 Auto-detect Langua
  7. Re-Login as guest not working. Grrrrrrr!

  8. Or you could make a calc like this. PatternCount ( CheckboxField ; "single value") > 0
  9. :sorrysign: I just said something COMPLETLY un-related to your post, yet I referred to your post. rrrrrrgggg! OK, I am making a DB that can take the letters of each word scramble them in a controlled way to "encode", so to do that I needed to split all the words into separate fields.
  10. Oh. I am making a DB to do exactly that (Without punctuation), though it can only handle 100 words at a time, it has 4 fields, 3 are repeating fields with 100 repetitions each. Field #1 = Text, entry Field #2 = Number, numbers 0 through 100 Field #3 = Calculation, LeftWords ( Extend ( Field #1 ) ; WordCount ( Extend ( Field #1 ) ) - Field #2 ) Field #4 = Calculation, RightWords ( Field #3 ; 1 ) So Field #4 is equal to word Field #2 of Field #1. So if Field #2 = 0 and Field #1 = "FileMaker 11 Advanced", Field #4 Would equal "Advanced" BTW. How do you insert a Photo?
  11. Is there a way to sepperate all the words so if i wanted to have a calc, say, take the first letter of every word and put it at the end of the word so "Help!" would become "elp!H"? Thanks! FMPierce :ninja:
  12. I have been using FM for about a year and my dad knows FM really well and I still have about a hundred functions that I don't know, so don't feel bad, calculations are hard…Maybe that's why i like them so much, your always learning something new.
  13. If you wanted it to be "The quick Fox is an FBI agent" (Keeping everything already uppercase, uppercase), you could take out the Lower ( ). And, you can use Trim ( ) on the text so the calc doesn't upper case a space (which would mean it would do nothing). So in the end the calc would be like: Replace ( Trim ( text ) ; 1 ; 1 ; Upper ( Left ( text ; 1 ) ) )
  14. Adam, for your first question, you can do this, Set Field [Contacts::WalkerByYear; GetAsText ( Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - 1 ) & "…" & GetAsText ( Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - 2 )] Perform Find [] "…" is ellipsis which in find mode means "in range" so it would be "2009…2010" which is, "in range 2009 to 2010" which would result in 2009 and 2010. Hope it helps FMPierce :ninja:
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