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  1. Thank you for the suggestions! option 2 went very smoothly. I was expecting a a lot more problems but aside from some oversights with permissions it all seemed to work great! thanks
  2. Hello. I am not sure this is the right place to ask about this - perhaps it needs to be in logic layer section - but thought I would start here. Note: I only have access to FM11 Pro In my office we use several Filemaker databases for various teams. They work great and are customised to the needs of each team. The problem is this. Currently our reception opens up new entries for each DB as needed. Because we have 3 separate databases they have to open each one as needed and add a new record. I have been asked to find a solution whereby the databases do not change for the ba
  3. AH thanks again. I missed the tick box on a field at the bottom of the page.
  4. That works great, thanks! Only one - probably dumb - question though, how do I stop the blank space created at the bottom of the document when all the content slides up from being printed?
  5. Could you possibly give me an example? I did toy with some line segments at some point. I "drew" on the sides of the box. But the vertical lines do not shrink up which leaves a box which is always maximum size.
  6. I have no flexibility in the design. It is based on a paper system and I have zero chance of changing it. The only way sliding up will work is if there is a way to set a minimum size. That I could work with. An idea that comes to mind at the moment is to insert non-printing characters or some other nonsense into any field that is not the minimum length but that strikes me as a silly solution and I would love to hear better ideas.
  7. Hello, I am in a bit of a pickle here. I have a small database implemented in FM11 that records information about clients and some notes made by staff. I have to add a print out feature that produces a print out of certain information from the database, however, the document produced must also allow for additional hand written notes to be written - it will later be used in an interview and/or filed in a paper file. The first page of the document is just information from database so is fine. Page 2 however consists primarily of 2 boxes (two different sets of notes) and a small section a
  8. Never min question 1 I was over-complicating what I was doing. All I had to do was make a summary field and the average adjusted on its own for my found set. My second question stands however, what does the the average summary field do when confronted with Strings?
  9. Hello, I apologize in advance as I am still very new to FM Pro. I have been tasked with making a DB in FM Pro 11 That manages a record of Clients and Individual Contacts with those clients. As part of the DB I have to generate reports which collect certain statistics for our funding bodies. While working on this I got a little confused and was hoping someone here could set me straight As part of my brief I am having to import a a bunch of old records from an excel spreadsheet. One key stat I have to calculate is the time interval between a contact being requeste
  10. I have a very similar inquiry as the first poster. I do not completely follow what needs to be done from The Missing Man's reply. When I try to import related data from a spreadsheet I get all kinds of crazyness. I cannot find a way to "cross reference" the incoming spreadsheet. I can't seem to find a clear explanation or guide to the process either. Any advice or pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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