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  1. Thank you for your answer. Of course, you are right. Custom Method is a better option, but I wanted to learn how to use my own Java classes. Now I can identify my mistakes. 1. Methods must be public. I had only a public class. 2. The class must be in the package. 3. I used the SMLoadJAR correctly. But I wrongly wanted to use a Java method. In the first step an Import should be done. Example: RegisterGroovy (javamethod(parameter) ; „import package.class; class.method(parameter);”) In Polish the numerals have different forms; example: Jeden Tysiąc (One Thousand) Dwa Tysiące (Tw
  2. Please, could somebody explain how to solve my problem? I have to write down the amount in words in Polish. I found a java code implementing this functionality. (see attached file slownie.java) I want to use method: procKwotaSlownie (double kwota) I compiled the code and put slownie.jar in conteiner field. I used SMLoadJar to register JAR. I would like to use the method (procKwotaSlownie). To this end I used EvaluateGrovy. Unfortunately I get only ERROR. See attached the file with my example database (slownie.fmp12). Thnk you in advance. slownie.zip
  3. Sorry I'm not sure if my problem is clear enough. Let me give you a next example. Table T1. Two records (ID, Name) 1 Tom 2 Jerry Table T2. Four records (ID, Products) 1 Milk 2 Cheese 3 Water 4 Fish Table JT. 1 (Tom) (milk) 2 (Jerry) (milk) 3 (Jerry) (cheese) 4 (Tom) (fish) In this situation when I stand on the record Tom (layout T1) I want see in layout T2 one record: 4 fish. When I stand on the record Jerry I will see 2 records: 1 Milk and 2 Cheese. Please help me.
  4. I have many to many relation. ( T1 ---< JT >--- T2 ) I created two layouts based on T1 and T2. Both layouts work in List View. For several days I'm looking for solution of the following problem: JT (Join Table) represents history relations. I stand on the layout T1. I want to display related records from T2 but only the most recent ones. ( T1 ---< T2 ) . many to many and GTRR problem.fmp12.zip
  5. I have a very similar problem. I attach a example. Unfortunately, I do not know how to make a search in the relational field. Layout T3 Fields: T1 Name test3.fmp12.zip
  6. Thank you for your quick reply Hym. It is a solution. > You can temporarily change the context of the portal (...) Hym. How to do it?
  7. I have a problem with sorting many to many relationship. I have three tables. TAB1 - <TAB1_TAB2> - tab2 In layaut based on TAB2 I put a portal (TAB1). Table TAB1_TAB2 include the fields of foreign keys and filed counter. I would like to see the data (TAB1) in the portal sorted by the counter from (TAB1_TAB2). many to many SORT.fmp12.zip
  8. I'm not even sure if I'm in the right section of the forum. I'm looking for a solution how to do it. (please see picture attached. ) This is List View. See below the last record. I have tested layouts themes in the FileMaker 12. This is a Theme "Silver". This theme is good but I need different. Creating own theme is the only solution? PS. My database will be shared by the server. I have FM 12.0v1 CE version. Update is not available table1.zip
  9. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for your help.
  10. There is a table with three columns: ID, CODE, TYPE. ID – number (serial number), CODE – text (unique name), TYPE– text: ("Type A" or "Type B") The aim is to create a value list based on the records from the table, where TYPE is “Type A” only. How to do it?
  11. I have a little success. I used Ron technique. Tomorrow I will write more details. ...
  12. I would like to return to the topic once again. I try to merge the two techniques (sorting and finding in the portal). I wanted to add PortalSort (by Matt Petrowski) to found example. http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/demos8/demo804.html (Portal Found Set) Unfortunately, sorting does not work. Please help. Attached my test file. PortalFoundSetAndSort.zip
  13. Thank you for your quick reply. Great materials.
  14. I have Tab Control with two tabs (Tab1 and Tab2). I set script trigger (OnTabSwitch). This script checks whether the user can change the tabs. How to prevent user from switching a tab. ( I have FMA12 )
  15. I close this topic. My idea is crazy and not effective.
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