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  1. Dear comment I have read the conversation about the grandchild field summarization but still has no idea how to implement the solution for printed report (without the portal solution). I had the same problem in access and it was possible to make via the sql command to get the data. I prefer the filemaker as it is more user friendly but cannot get a clue how to make the pass throught. Is it really possible to make the schema order <-> car <-> car specifications <-> car parts report, ie. I order 2 sport cars, I have in the end 2 sport cars list of parts: 1.
  2. Dear FM Developers, I do have a problem to build a report to show the ingredients which are necessary for order. The structure of the relationship is as follow [order] customerID orderID [orderLines] orderLineID orderID (relationship to order) productID quantity [products] productID (relationship to orderLine) recipeID [recipes] recipeID (relationship to product) [recipeLines] recipeLinesID recipeID (relationship to recipe) quantity materialID (points to productID in TO of products named materials ) ok real example would be the customer places
  3. I tried to make it as in example but I have very strange effects. The problem is I can not match Plan line ID with materialID So I should have (the source for the report is by ingredient): planID-----Banana Drink ------ Water 50 planID-----Banana Drink ------ banana aroma 30 planID-----Banana Drink ------ sugar 20 but I get planID-----Banana Drink ------ Water 50 planID-----Banana Drink ------ banana aroma 30 planID-----Banana Drink ------ sugar 20 ? ---------?????-------flavour 30 ----------?????-------milk 1200 I just want to say it is taking al
  4. Dear All, I have a very interesting issue with the following database structure: Production Plan, key: planID Plan details, keys: planID, productID Product, key: productID, recipeID Recipe, key: recipeID Recipe details, key: recipeID, materialID Material, productID Material is a TO of Product The following relation is set: Production Plan (planID) >---< (planID) Plan details (materialID) >---< (materialID) Product (recipeID) >---< (recipeID) Recipe (recipeID) >---< (recipeID) Recipe details (productID) >---< (productID) Materi
  5. Hey, it is even better! When the field is in recipe (not in product) table it seems it is even more simple to control the content (the script seems to work more efficient - without delay). Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi comment, thanks again for your posting, I am trying to summarize my knowledge? So finally If I have to products, which have different volume (120ml and 140ml) and the same recipe (eggs, water, flour), and I want to get an info how much of each ingredient use (120ml * 23g of water or 140 *23g of water), I have to put twice the data to database? IE.: Recipe for 120 ml, Recipe for 140 ml? The only difference between them is the volumeFactor in Product table. Hi Lee, trying to send the PM, but there is an error: The member Lee Smith cannot receive any new messages.
  7. so there is no possibility to use the same recipe for two products? if if try to use in packagesRecipeDetails the information from Materials table (like calculatingFactor) which is different for record 8 and 9, I always get the value from 8th record, what I think would happen is to get different values from different master records
  8. Hi I made example database, to show my problem if you find a minute, please go to calculation layout and switch between 8th and 9th records then go to materials leyout and see the connection between the products and recipes i tried to invent workaround but it seems I am to short for that RGS and many thanks for your patienty and given support Luca
  9. File Name: ProductWithRecipes File Submitter: SilverReed File Submitted: 20 Oct 2011 File Category: Samples FM Version: 11 The files consits of the table of materials (products) and recipes for these products (the recipes use the materials) Click here to download this file
  10. Hi, thanks for your posting, so I have the following idea, situation: generally for one set of product I need a recipe A consists of: • 2 units of Material A[fileds, material name, standardQty, QtyforProduct(numberofSetsFrom Product* units)]; • 3 units of Material B[fileds, material name, standardQty, QtyforProduct(numberofSetsFrom Product* units)]; • 4 units of Material C[fileds, material name, standardQty, QtyforProduct(numberofSetsFrom Product* units)]. per one set thats correct, now I have the calculation, with Product Green 14 sets
  11. Ok I will try to show my problem in words: I would like to make a calculation of finished product. The product consists of tablets (recipe for tablets) and from package (recipe for packing) The layout consists of the following sections: 1. Product details 2. Tablets details 3. Package details In case of one product one recipe I have no problem In case of many products one recipe I have a problem for examples in product section I define: 1. product weight I want to calculate the production demand, so I put the calculation field in the re
  12. Ok let me describe: I have the database where I store the materials. The materials can be: Finished Product, raw material, package. The Table looks like: Materials: materialID, name, kindOf <FinishedProduct, rawMaterial, package> IngredientsRecipeID, PackingRecipeID, singleContainerWeight now I have Recipes table for this products: Recipes: recipeID, productID, recipeName, recipeType <rawMaterials, packages> pricePerKg Recipes have details RecipesDetails: recipeDetailID, recipeID, materialID (here I use the TO of
  13. Hi Guys, I do have the following structure: Finished product (related by id) RecipeInsert (related by recipeID) RecipeDetails Finished product (related by id) RecipeContainer (related by recipeID) RecipeDetails Couple of products has the same recipes, ie: Icecream vanilla (packed into box with label) Icecream lemon (packed into box with label) I have the problem using data from Finished product table in RecipeDetails table Ie. I have in Finished product table the info about the product weight I want to use in RecipeDetails table for calculation (ie. to g
  14. Hi Guys, I have tried different solutions but without the luck. Here is my problem. I do have the database on the server (FMS) and I am using the FMP for accessing the database. I have the table with the following structure: Specifications TABLE 1. Name TEXT FIELD 2. Spec code TEXT FIELD 3. Doc file CONTAINER FIELD now: I have the file 0.doc on the server in the same folder as the database file. I would like to make some solution to: 1. When I insert the text to the Spec code TEXT FIELD 2. The script copy the file 0.doc to the n
  15. Hi, thanks for prompt reply, I have analyzed all the comments and I think I am very close to get what I need, I made some example to explain a little bit my problem. What I would like to have is the report of the quantities (and values basing on prices) of materials used to compose the recipes of the products. Finally I wolud have the following info: for plan 92011 I need to have 720kg of tomatoes and the total price is $3 600 Kindly please give a hint? Regards Luca
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