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  1. Hi, SC is working well as always, but since I changed computers, when I click on a (e.g.) .pdf file inside SC, it opens in Internet explorer, when I would like very much that the file just opens in my default .pdf browser. Where are the settings to change this behaviour? Thanks so much in advance for your help and advice.
  2. I recently changed premises and I notice that my supercontainer is being blocked because it doesn't have the necessary certificate any more. Not sure if it's becasue I updated Java recently or becasue I am with another Internet provider. I updated to the latest version of Supercontainer (2.89) but still no luck. Below is the log. Any help would be so grateful? Thanks so much in advance java.security.cert.CertificateRevokedException: Certificate has been revoked, reason: AFFILIATION_CHANGED, revocation date: Thu May 24 19:09:28 CEST 2012, authority: CN=Thawte Code Signing CA, O=Thawte C
  3. Never Used a script parameter, but I see it now. Yes, easy solution. Thanks again and have a great day!
  4. I've got a library with 1000's of books so to make it easier I have placed letters A - Z for the user to click on and bring up only those books starting with that letter. I really don't want to write 26 different scripts to do a Perform Find for A, B, etc..., so each of the text letters which have the script button attached to them, I gave an object Name A, B etc. and used the script; Set Variable [ $abc; Value:Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)] and then used the variable $abc in my Perform Find.....But it doesn't work! I did some tests but it seems that Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) doesn
  5. I distributed a runtime solution for testing, and the testers tell me that upon starting the .exe file, they get the error message - Can't find 'xerces-c_3_0.dll'Can't find 'xerces-c_3_0.dll'. I have tried it on my computers and it works, so I cannot for the life of me understand why several of them would get this message. I zipped the folder, and they unzip it their end and run the .exe file. Anyone ever expereinced this? Thanks so much and have a great day. Error Message.pdf
  6. I have an employee logging in via web publishing to do some scheduling. I have inserted a web Viewer with our gmail account as the URL.... but nothing at all shows up. Other websites work, but gmail, google search or it seems anything to do with google doesn't show - just a grey web portal. Any ideas? Thanks so much and have a great day
  7. Hi, I am building a runtime version for a client and would like to create a script that backs up his database. Essentially, it would need to make a copy of the file. I assume the .UBS file or whatever extension I use for it. Is there a script that could do this? Would it need to close the file first? Thanks so much for your advice, I really appreciate it.
  8. Yes, sorry, I wasnt clear myself. In the end as part of the Menu Item Name, I created a Global Variable using athe Let function. The susbsequent script then used that variable to take the user to the correct layout. Seems to be working well. Thanks for your advice. Have a great day
  9. I am creating a calculation as part of a menu set and I wonder if there is a way to create a 'Set Variable' type calculation that for e.g. $Layout 1 = "Layout 1" Within the Menu set Action: Perform Script, I would be able to use only one script that could; Go to Layout: $Layout 1 Does that make sense? Make the Let function?
  10. Yeh that was what I was looking for. A quick script trigger to simply 'Undo0 upon validation fail. thanks so much
  11. Yes, I have already set the field to be validated. However, I dont want the user having to be prompted with the default or custom validation popup and being asked to press 'Revert field. Isn't there a script I can use that will suppress the validation failed popup and revert the field to what it was without user interaction? Thanks again.
  12. I have got a global field for the user to select from a drop down menu. I can't deny access to them because the field needs to be accessed in order to use the drop down menu. If the user clicks twice within the field, they can actually enter a value that is not on the value list. I have validation setup so that if this occurs, the user receives a message. I don't like the message. Isn't there a calculation that I can run as part of a script trigger that basically says; If field is modified to a a value that is not part of the value list, revert field? Thanks so much for your hel
  13. You just saved my behind. I got in and I got what I needed. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your advice. Have a lovely day.
  14. I just deleted 2000 records by mistake from my original .fp7 file and I don't have a backup. I found a runtime solution I had made of the database but I think it doesn't have admin privelages, and I don't have the option to export data. How would I open it with admin if it did have admin access as in .fp7, I usually hold down shift when opening the file? Ok, is there any conceivable way to get data from the .USR file or any other file in the runtime folder.... or am I up the creek without a paddle? Thanks so much,
  15. I am creating an Information Management Database for a small school and within the database I want to embed an MS Publisher file that the user-end Runtime version will be able to open, edit and upon saving it, it stays within Filemaker rather than become a link. I could limit access to the container field for the user so that they couldn't delete the object. Is the best way to do this to store it as an OLE object (without link)? Storing as a file means the user will export the file, then save it in a location on their computer and I can't be guaranteed they will use that copy or
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